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The Philosophers Adventure
Author :Half_Blind
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4 quatre

After observing the fruit for some time, he found some thing peculiar , at times tiny golden texts appeared and disappeared on the fruit , the text contained some special kind of signs which combined to form the text and it was giving out a special kind of feeling which he was unable to comprehend . He used his spiritual sens on the fruit ,to see the signs more clearly but to his surprise he found that when he was using the spiritual sens there was no text or signs as if it didn't exist , but when he opened his eyes the texts where appearing and disappearing on its on will.

[ I can't understand the mystery behind this fruit, so I will leave it be... but what I am more afraid of is whether the fruit will also disappear just like the tree..... should I eat it or not , what would be the consequence ... will it be just like in those novels and i would gain new powers or something... after all the tree did give it to me... what if it shouldn't be eaten just like that or maybe it contain more energy than i could take....

There are much more important matters that i should focus on, like finding out where I am , and is there any other danger lurking around.. i will get some rest first , regain my energy and look around ]

After looking around for 1 day ,He got a better understanding of the surrounding , this place was like a cage in a semi sphere shape covered by the black and red smoke from every direction , fore some reason the black and red smoke didn't enter the semi sphere area. Another thing that he found was that , there were five mountains in total , the fifth was a frozen mountain giving out a chilly air.

[ I don't think this is the surface of the earth, if something like this existed on earth it would have surely made news ,unless someone deliberately covered it up, and there is also the question of how I appeared here, The other possibility is that this place is deep under earth , some thing like that scifi novel journey to the center of the earth..

But I don't have the slightest clue what these mountains are . And this black and red smoke are really weird, Its probably the mountains that are keeping the smoke away , when ever i look at those black and red smoke ,it gives me the creeps, its as if some dangerous beast is looking back at me through the smoke... and these mountains ,I can't even go near them , the only mountain I can get on is the one I came from ... thankfully the fruit didn't disappear or anything , even when observing with spiritual sens , I can see that its energy has not decreased or any thing, but this is something beyond my understanding so i am not sure ...

Another matter that put me at ease is there are no dangerous animals around the area... Now that I have a basic understanding , I will observe and experiment more tomorrow , hopefully i will find a way out soon ]

6 more days passed by , He started experimenting by throwing small stones into the mountains ,he found that the 4 mountains were really dangerous anything that got near the flame mountain was burned into ash and drifted into the air, as for the frozen mountain anything that got near it was frozen and turned brittle and broke down, for tornado mountain it would cut anything into small pieces , and the most weird one was the black mountain ,where some times things disappear ,some time only half of a stone thrown in would disappear and some times nothing happened to the stone . He even used the spiritual sens to probe , the result was disastrous , he used the spiritual sens on the flame mountain and as it reached the area before the mountain , It was like his spiritual sens was burned the instant it touched it ,even though he withdrew the same instant it was late , he got an unimaginable head ache as if his brain was fried and lost consciousness, waking up only after one whole day.

He already had the conjecture that these mountains represented the Extreme of 5 elements Earth , Fire , Air , Water and Space .But for some reason the energy of these mountain were contained within 30 meters of the mountains.

The troubling thing was the black and red smoke , he didn't dare to go into it or probe it with spiritual sens after learning from the previous event. so he created a long pole from earth. he pushed it towards the smoke, when he pulled it back after some time , he found that there was nothing left of the part that extended into the smoke, and the edge of the remaining part was as if it was corroded , he created another pole but this time he pulled it back immediately and he got a different result ,only a part of the stick has been corroded as if dipped in acid.

He continued with the experiments , this time he extended the pole towards the red colored smoke but to his surprise nothing happened.

Now he started using the spiritual sens to probe the black smoke little by little, he found that even though the black smoke was not as dangerous as the mountains , it still had a corroding property which affected even his spiritual sens and slowly corroded it , but still he was able to see the earth that was black in color and the air contained a special energy which was this corroding energy and it was in conflict with another energy which was the red smoke, he further probed into the red smoke, but this time he was in for some pain. As his sens entered the red smoke he heard a soul shaking roar containing an immense killing intent , he had the feeling that he was standing in front of an apex predator which could destroy him with just a look and all of a sudden his blood started trembling and flowing out of control, He pulled back his spiritual sens and retreated vomiting a mouth full of blood.

After this incident he only probed the black smoked area , today was the seventh day, he had almost probed about 3 percent of the boundary , unlike on normal surroundings , he could only probe for about 5 meter into the black smoke and that to for about 3 minutes , and after that he had to take rest for at least 15 minutes before continuing the probe.

It has already been 4 hours and he was probing patiently for some path to get out , but all of a sudden he found a small energy fluctuation , he concentrated and found that it was a life form

a big snake about 18 feet long ,as he was probing , as if the snake noticed him it turned towards his direction and moving towards his direction , he jumped back instinctively but soon realized that he had already got a super human body and other super powers why should he be afraid of a snake, so he stared at the direction and found that the snake has already reached the boundary but was unable to move forward as if an invisible shield was blocking it. after pushing for some time it stood up and opened up its hood.

" shit, its a fully grown king cobra... "

Giving a snort he thought [ I can still use earth control ability to deal with it ..hmm]

But the next second he erased that thought, as he saw it spray out a large amount of blue smoke toward the front, it could at least cover about 10 sq meter area. but the blue smoke still didn't pass through ,it just spread on the boundary as if an air wall was blocking it.

Sam fell backward overcame by fear and he had cold sweat on his back.

" fuck that was really dangerous ...if that venom had pass through i would have been done for ... I have been too arrogant , I should have known even the animals would have gained special ability in this place.."

Unable to quench the anger and fear that was raising in his heart , he showed his middle finger towards the snake and started cursing .

As if understood what he was saying , the snake started staring at him like long time enemy ,

it opened its mouth and showed its deadly fangs and bit forward , but seeing the bite he felt fear again .

boom ..

the bite appeared more powerful than the stamp of an elephant leg, and blue liquid was sprayed from its fangs .

But the air wall didn't even vibrate the tiny bit, but a small thunder appeared out of nowhere and struck the snake. The snake was struck down and almost dead , smoke was coming out of its body that was charred by the heat... it was giving out faint hisses as if the last struggle before death.

Sam was dumb struck at what happened ,he didn't know where that lightning came from but he was really happy about the plight of the venomous snake.

" Ha ha ha... good for you, that is what you deserve for giving me that fright.... hahaha.."

but all of sudden he had a feeling that he was in an ice cellar , still he was sweating non stop as if he was being stared at by some evil creature...

As he looked towards the snake again , his heart started beating faster and faster , he started loosing strength in his body he fell down and couldn't even move, as if his body was not his own, this was true fear which he was unable to overcome.... because when he looked towards the snake he saw another silhouette which has appeared besides it, unknown to him when .... It was also a King cobra but the size was humongous , the width of its hood itself was more than 8 meters, and its vertical slit eyes would give a chill to any one that looked at them...


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