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The Philosophers Adventure
Author :Half_Blind
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HMPH! .....

A soundless snort,was heard expressing someones displeasure...

He didn't know where the snort came from and it was not heard through his ears like sound, but was directly heard in his mind, It liberated him from the state of fear and paralysis.

At the same time his brain started working faster and faster ,it was in the same super brain state similar to when he first wake up in the cave. It only lasted for two seconds like blinking of an eye... but within these two seconds he was able to remember everything that has happened in these few days , including every minute details that was detected by all his six senses during this time, it was like he had an Eidetic memory, and he has already combined all this knowledge and come to conclusion...

At the same time as the soundless snort was heard , as if responding to the snort the pupils of the humongous snake widened, it became more alert ,like a natural response to danger.

All of a sudden Sam stood up , formed a spear from the earth and threw it with all his might aiming for the the eye of the snake, the snake was already on alert, so it closed its eyes immediately , the spear struck on the closed eye ,but it was like an egg that struck on an iron wall, the spear was broken into pieces only producing a loud sound.

As it opened its eyes , the pupils have changed entirely ,now its pupils have contracted to beady eyes, showing its immense anger and killing intent , this was not because the man in front of it has attacked all of sudden, but because it had felt fear, even if it was for one second , from an ant which it could have crushed anytime it wanted.

The snake extended its head upward as if standing up fully , its head disappeared completely into the smoke, the next second an earth shaking sound was heard .


As Sam looked towards the sky , with buzzing ears . He saw an area directly above his head has been bitten by the snake with full force , but some unknown symbols, blue in color has appeared in the air and completely blocked the bite, not only this an immense amount of lightning has came out of the symbol and struck the snakes head , but unlike the small snake , the big snakes head was completely blown into smithereens , and an enormous thud was heard like the falling of a big tree, some more sounds and tremor could be felt , but Sam has already turned away and was walking back towards the earth mountain.

" It's much more dangerous than my conjectures ....."

He was not referring to the snake , but towards the place that he was currently residing in, his steps became more calm and steady.

" Confucius ones said " He who flatters a man is his enemy. he who tells him of his faults is his maker. " .....

[ I have been my on enemy and destroyer , all along... I have been flattering myself about my newly gained powers and good luck, and I have completely disregarded my carefree and lazy nature as if everything was under control... I knew my siblings would take care of my parents, they maybe sad , but they will recover with time and I would be able to get back to them sooner or latter .... I have been trivializing the dangers all along and treating this place as an adventure land .... ]

It was that two seconds that changed him entirely , when he was completely paralyzed by fear and his brain went into a super brain mode ...

In those two seconds he had completely formed a 3 dimensional model of the entire surrounding, he calculated the distance between each mountains , and towards the border.

the 4 smaller mountains were identical both in shape and size , even though they were on four sides of the black mountain, they were not at the same distance from the black mountain, the earth mountain was about 11km from the black mountain , the fire mountain 17km ,the tornado mountain 13km and the frozen mountain 19km from center , and then there were four large boulders which he had not given any interest to , these boulders where placed in a direction in between two small mountains, and they where at a distance of 16 , 12 , 14 and 18 km from the center.

At first it seemed to be naturally formed and randomly placed ,but in the super brain state, he calculated and compared these distance ,he found that these distance along with the radius of the black mountain and its periphery which was about 15 km, formed a magic square matrix and the boundary itself was about 45 km from the central mountain.

Even though nature had its own perfection , this seemed a little too perfect , the straw that really broke the camels back was, the attack of the small snake and the appearance of the small lightning out of nowhere . When he was in super brain mode ,he scrutinized that point and realized that there was an appearance of a light blue color in the air above the snake before the lightning struck . In order to conclude his thesis, he deliberately attacked the big snake and enraged it to attack him. The result was as expected ...

There really was some kind of restriction that was preventing , the beasts and smoke from entering , not just entering , it also retaliated to any attack on it .

" most probably I am in someones secret garden , which has been meticulously placed inside this dangerous environment so that no one would find it. And I have already eaten the peaches from the peach tree that the person has grown for a long time with care and love... hah.. I wonder how he would react, and i can't take the chance that he would be some , kind old immortal who would take me as his disciple after what I did.... "

[ this defense mechanism prevents intruders , but doesn't attack anything that is inside or prevent them from going out, but if i got out then i don't think i would be able to get back inside again and will die painfully in the corroding gas.

I don't know when the owner would return . For some one who is able to setup such a defensive system , the person might have already detected me taking his stuff , I should go with the worst possible out come that may arise, which is the person or entity may arrive at the next second and won't be kind..... i have already used up more than 70 percent of the liquid essence and took both the golden sphere and the fruit.. even if i can return the sphere and fruit ... returning the liquid essence that have meld with my body is almost impossible ... the liquid essence which could transform a normal person like me to superhuman is definitely priceless .

I need to get out of here , but the black and red smoke seems to be an insurmountable mountain . If I am in no position to retreat then the only way is to push forward ...]

While thinking about all these he had already reached the earth mountain , he took out the sphere and fruit from his torn down shirt ,which he was now using as a belt and kept both the sphere and fruit tied in it, He had always carried the the sphere because it was like an unlimited source of energy, which always kept him rejuvenated and filled with energy, and the fruit was too precious to be left somewhere else.

He had already created a cave on the lower part of the earth mountain , using the earth control ability a long time ago , which he treated as his bedroom... even though he didn't need to sleep, sleep was something that both his body and mind was accustomed to , since there was no day and night in this place he used a stone to cover the cave entrance and created night.

With a determined gaze he entered the cave and closed it , sitting down cross legged and he took a small bite of the fruit, it was tasteless but as it entered his throat he had the feeling he was full, and as it reached the stomach he was bloating out like a balloon that was going to explode.

" shit .. this is one of the worst scenario i imagined , now i can only relay on luck and that statue which i saw in my dreams ... i know its somewhere inside me and the snort that saved me from the fear paralysis and activated the super brain mode came from the statue ....I have already placed my bet , there is no turning back.."

He was going to explode , but all of a sudden as if a black hole has appeared in his stomach , all that energy that was going to explode out where sucked in and disappeared.

The black statue that was sitting cross legged and motionless, was giving out a small grin , It opened its mouth slowly ones more . the same time Sam also opened his mouth automatically and the fruit flew away from his hand and got absorbed into his mouth in one gulp, this time it didn't go into his stomach but got absorbed into a small blackhole that has formed inside his mouth....


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