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The Philosophers Adventure
Author :Half_Blind
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6 six

As the fruit entered the mouth of the statue , it started emitting golden aura and the body of the statue started vibrating slowly giving out a special sound, like a hymn that was unheard of , This hymn started resounding in Sams head and he started immersing into its beauty, as if falling into a trance , he could feel that the earth that he was sitting on was also singing this same hymn, ... this was no hymn but a vibration , the vibration that formed the earth itself .... he started immersing into it more and more like an addict , at the same time he started loosing the concept of time...

Time moved forward minutes became hours, hours became days, days months and months years... the more he listened, more he got immersed into this state and soon his body also started slowly vibrating in that same frequency , the Hymn which could not be heard by ears started coming out of his own body, as this started happening his body started turning into stone and after a long time he became a complete stone statue and slowly the signs of life started disappearing from the body , after an unknown amount of time there was no more life but just a stone statue.... he had already become one with the earth, just another stone on its surface...

The concept of self disappeared and only the state of being remained.....

Years passed by , but one day the vibration emitted by the black statue started slowing down as if the vibrations itself was slowly getting absorbed by it. The golden aura also started getting absorbed back into the statue. As the golden aura was completely absorbed by it , the vibration completely came to stop. At the same time one of the symbols inside the triangle that was located in the stomach of the black statue gained , a vague golden brown color to it, but the symbol remained blurry and could not be seen clearly .....

As the vibrations stopped coming from the black statue , The hymn coming from Sams body also started to slowly disappear , but it took more than 4 months ,for the hymns to stop, The vibrations were also coming to stop slowly and as the vibration decreased, his body also started gaining life and tuning back to flesh and blood from stone.

It has been more than ten years since, Sam arrived at this place and at this time inside the cave , the stiff body of Sam started inhaling and exhaling again slowly. After some time he opened his eyes , it didn't contain the golden tint now ,but has returned to it's original color .

He muttered slowly ..

" I am the Earth and the Earth is me...."

After giving a long sigh ,he slowly started moving his body, which has remained stiff for a long time , the body gave out cracking sound as it moved....

" How long did I remain in that state..."

Without thinking much about it he started pondering [ It was not the wisest decision to eat the fruit, nonetheless it was the only decision available .... Thanks to my luck , I guess the owner didn't arrive , I shouldn't let my guard down ... I have also gained many inspiration from that state , which I can slowly develop on ]

He stood up and got out of the cave, there was no change to the outside , it remained the same as the time he entered the cave. The only change was to the person , The robust muscles he gained from the pool has transformed into lean muscles , which appeared to contain an enormous explosive strength. It appeared like he was a martial arts practitioner who has trained for decades , but the person it self was giving out a calm and composed aura like a humble scholar.

Sam was feeling out the changes in his body , and he used hi spiritual sens to get a better look, but he was surprised all of a sudden as his spiritual sens could now reach an area of more than 900 meters , and for a single direction he could reach more than 1 Km. He also found that even without concentrating or spending large amount of energy he could know what is happening around him in a radius of 100 meter . maintaining this state was like a natural thing and only spend a minute amount of energy which was less than what his body absorbed.

As he concentrated his spiritual sens, he found his dantian has grown to the size of a small egg.

All of a sudden he found that he could enter this egg with his spiritual sens and as he entered , he saw a vast space , about 30 percent of it was filled with a brown gas , there was a small area of white gas which was less than 0.5 percent , the rest 70 percent where empty.

After knowing that there was space inside his dantian , he became interested and focused his sens on the middle dantian situated in between his chests and he found that, even though the size of his middle dantian has not changed much, there was similar space inside it , which was much smaller but contained a green colored gas..... then he focused on his upper dantian which was in the pineal gland , it was similar to the middle dantian but contained a black gas ... he was astonished with these discoveries , but soon came out of it.

He also found that his earth control ability has improved by leaps and bounds , now the models he formed from earth were more real and closer to his imaginations , his weapons had real sharpness now... after experimenting with his powers for a while , he started walking towards the boundary.

He went to the place where he found the snake , the small snake could not be found there any more , so he extended his spiritual sens out again , this time he found he could expand it up to a 100 meters . It felt like the stronger ones spiritual sens more resistance one receive from the black smoke . After sensing for a while he found the corroding bones of the mother snake , there were also some mutated trees which didn't have any leaves, but very few branches ,the tree themselves were not that big , but the interesting part was the roots, which were humongous and extended deep into the ground like the cactus .

After searching for some time he didn't find anything important so he started using earth as the medium for his spiritual sens and now he could search up to 600 meters, but could only sens what was inside the earth and what was touching the surface of the earth , the rest where blank and dark , but this was enough to search for clues in a wider range.

He kept on searching ,along the boundary but didn't find anything useful , soon two more days passed by, continuous searching has yielded no result and he was also getting restless..

[ this is not good I don't know how much more my luck will last... should i take a gamble and create a golem suit , by compressing the earth to maximum of my power and making it as big as possible and along with the help of the golden sphere , i can last for a long time in the black smoke... the problems are the wild beast and how far the black smoke exist.. if I gets attacked and lose my protection for even a second i don't think it would be good ... I will start some experiment along with, the search of the borders for any less dangerous paths or clues ]

! month passed by, he covered about 50 percent of the boundary and he made many new discoveries , there where two type of monster , in the smoke , the first kind were different kinds of snakes and the other were animals red in color and bloodthirsty , attacking any moving thing in front of them. There where 2 blood beasts and 4 snake beasts , both sides engaged in fight every now and then , but both sides were equally matched because , the red beasts where more powerful than the snakes and more aggressive.

One day he saw a red bear with a single horn on its head fighting two pythons , after fighting for some time it saw that it was unable to kill them as they were fast and slippery , so it allowed one of the snake to bite and swallow one of its hand , which gave the bear a chance to grip on the snakes tongue , after catching it by the tongue it started pummeling it with its other hand , while still taking the beating from the second snake... after killing the first snake and getting injured seriously it still fought the other snake and bit the snake to death , when the fight ended the bear had lost one of its hand, bones where broken and protruding out of its side. Still it broke open the head of the two snakes and took two brown colored orbs , and limped away ... that scene was still etched in Sams eyes , as a person from the modern world , he was new to this gory and savage ways of the jungle, where the strong eat the weak... in a way this was the true nature put forward in a direct manner , rather than the same nature hidden in the modern society ...

He had experimented with the Earth golem he had created , he could control the earth golem in the 300 meter area, but within one hour the golem would turn black and corrode , turning into black soil which becomes one with the black earth... Ones the golem went out of the border , it could not come back in , so he could only observe using spiritual sens. He even made the golem to move into the area of one of the snakes ,the result was it couldn't event take one hit from the snake... so he put the idea of creating a golem suit and going out on hold.. he had to find other solutions.

He was also coming up with other ideas like killing one of the beast and trying to figure out how they could survive , but to his bad luck he saw the two pythons getting corroded slowly after death....

But after more than one month of searching he found something , a ray of hope...


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