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The Philosophers Adventure
Author :Half_Blind
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7 sep

Today Sam found , an under ground cave about 200 meters from the boundary, later he found it was the burrow of an old friend , At first he didn't care much since he thought it was just another snake , but he found a big burned mark on the back of this snake , it was the small king cobra that had already grown to the size of a python .

As he focused more he found that , it was not as haughty as before and stayed inside the burrow all the time , what caught Sams attention was a green light inside the cave which has pushed away the black smoke , the snake remained coiled around this green light all day ,as if it was the most precious treasure .

Sam had already noticed through one months observation, that the snakes absorbed the black smoke and the red animals the red smoke in little amounts every day ,which helped them grow.

But the small snakes growth seemed a little too fast , Sam had the vague feeling that this was the result of the green light. So he focused completely on the cave , to find the secrets of the green light. but unlike the previous time, the snake didn't notice some one was spying on it, this was one of the gains he obtained after eating the brown fruit , his spiritual sens became more merged with the nature unable to be detected and this was even more when he used earth as the medium. This was the reason why none of the monsters detected him, while he was observing them , and the pressure exerted by the red smoke was also removed .

After observing carefully he found that the source of green light was a green jade like thing in the shape of a seed . But he got a bigger surprise ,it was a human body or what was left of it , in one of the corners of the cave , There was only only the lower part of the body and two hands , as if the person was cut in half along with his hands , but the upper body was nowhere to be found . He also found a scroll like thing , but there was some black substance covering it .

The moment he saw these stuff he knew this was his ticket out of here , and probably a source of information to figure out the truth of this place.

He started ,to create a plan. and the first part was to gauge the strength of the snake, He made the strongest golem he could create, and moved it towards the burrow and made it attack the snake . the golem was slow and this made it more vulnerable in the black smoke , the longer it took to fight the faster it started to disintegrate. It took about 5 minutes for it to reach the burrow and the surface color already started changing light black.

When it reached the entrance the snake noticed it but still didn't move, as if it didn't care . But as soon as the golem entered the cave ,the snake started making hisses and swallowed the green jade as it swallowed the jade it started making more noises as if it was in pain , then with resolved look it started moving towards the golem . When it was in front of the golem it sprayed out blue poison, which accelerated the corrosion , the golem moved forward and tried to throw a punch, but was slow , the snake avoided it a and bit the golems leg, which broke a part of the golem and it also injected the poison in , after dodging another punch , it coiled around the golem and made it fall , the leg that was already damaged broke of , it bit the head and within 5 minutes the golem was no more ...

Sam lay on the ground face towards the sky , tired and weak controlling the golem to fight was real tiring on his energy and spiritual sens, he took big breaths ...

" Experiment number 1 was complete failure .... after rest lets start again..."

After 6 days a , A golem with spikes all over its body like a porcupine holding a stone spear could be seen inside the burrow , two stone knife were stuck on the back of the stone belt on it's waist. The golem was fighting a big Cobra , the spikes have stopped the snake from directly attacking or coiling around the golem , but the snake was also intelligent . It got hold of the golems weakness which was it's speed. The snake always kept its distance and spray poison non stop.

Even though the golem was slow it has improved much, if the first golem was a new born babie who could only move its hand and leg laying down, now it could crawl on its four leg. The speed has not improved much but its movements were becoming much more natural.

The golem used a falling like motion , using gravity to improve its speed thrusting the spear towards the snake . The snake was still able to dodge ,but this was the moment he was waiting for , the golem released the spear from its hands and using the momentum that it gained from falling like motion to do a forward roll on the ground and closed the distance between the snake ,took the two knifes from its back and stabbed the snake ... an Earth shattering shrill was heard, as the snake used its tail to lash at the golem with full force , the golem was thrown back like a cannon that was fired , it hit the walls of the cave and started to broke down . The snake was really angry, it went towards the golem and pummeled it to pieces .

then it went back and laid down ,the stone knives were slowly pushed out of its body , as it was giving out pain full shrills ,as the knife was completely pushed out, green light came out of the wounds and stated healing the wounds within five minutes the wounds were completely healed, but the snake was giving out painful cries as it spat out the green jade.

This was the second time Sam has noticed this phenomena , and he came to the conclusion that this green jade was something that opposed the black smoke and had great healing ability , but every time the snake used the jade to heal, it was in great pain, this was due to the nature of the green jade and the snake. The Snake was born in the black smoke and used the smoke to grow and the green jade was of opposite nature, but this was not the real reason why the snake treasured the green jade, it was because the aura emitted by the green jade made the snake more intelligent. Unlike the other snakes and beasts that lived in the black and red smoke, The king cobra behaved more cunning and intelligent. The Black and red smoke gave the beasts more strength and savage nature , but at the same time it made them muddle headed bloodthirsty monsters without much reasoning. This was were the green jade came in ,it cleared the Cobras head and made it more intelligent .

Sam thought [ I have collected all the data I needed, the day after tomorrow is the day I will get out , need to complete the preparations ..]

As he walked back toward the the fire mountain , a small two roomed house made of stone could be seen near the fire mountain and outside the house, a golem was standing perfectly erect but unlike the other golems this one looked more like a muscular man , and wore a full dark brown armor with spikes protruding from it , but the armor was made in a crude manner without much elegance.

This was the result of his hard work for the the past few days , he created earthen molds using earth control and melted the metal ore that were found from the earth mountain by using the fire mountain and created the armor . He entered the house , there were four more earthen molds inside the room , the four molds were of a long spear , a heavy blade , a shield and a big gourd . He went near the molds and broke it , two pitch black weapons and two dark brown equipment's came out of the molds. A black spear , a black heavy blade , a Dark brown shield and a big dark brown gourd .

These were no fancy weapons and equipment's , but crude and practical , The Full Armour, the big gourd and shield were forged from the brown metal ore , while the spear and Blade from the black metal ore , He searched the whole earth mountain to find all the ore to create these weapons , he also found a big load of earth crystals inside the mountain. he could not excavate the whole crystal load , so after excavating the maximum amount that he could carry , he stopped mining further.

The brown ore were more abundant than the black ore, he utilized all the ores he had gained, only a small piece of the black ore remained which he used as a whetstone, to sharpen the weapons and fine tune the other equipment's . He had also found an interesting thing about the brown ore , that was he could utilize the earth crystal energy to form a force field around the brown ore , by pushing the energy inside the crystals into the ore. And for this reason he added many sockets inside the armor and shields , into which the earth crystals could be inserted, and in emergency he could utilize it to form a big energy shield.

After breaking the molds, he started sharpening the weapons... After about 8 hours , he wore the Armored golem , like a big iron man suite. He started moving around , even though he was fast unlike the remote controlled golem ,the speed was lacking compared to his speed.

But all of a sudden the golem disappeared and appeared about 10 meters from where it was standing before. This was one of the technique that he created after gaining inspiration ,from eating the fruit. The technique was named Earth skipping technique, he used a large amount of energy on the sole and with the help of his connection with the earth he got double the energy as rebound and utilized it to move real fast , which made him seem as if he has disappeared from where he stood, the technique also improved his attacking momentum. the technique was similar to skipping a stone over the water, to skip forward with the rebound force.


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