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The Philosophers Adventure
Author :Half_Blind
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8 hui

An armored golem was standing before the boundary of the black smoke, it held a black heavy spear in its right hand , A heavy black blade was attached to the waist using a stone belt.

it held a dark brown metal rope in the left hand which was tied to a big stone vat , even bigger than the golem itself , the golem was carrying this Vat on its back , and a big gourd was also tied to the vat . Even though it was not as big as the vat but still it had half its size.

Sam has been standing before the boundary for 5 minutes , taking a long sigh, he walked forward without turning back and with firm determination.

" good bye friend, even if not intentionally you still provided protection to me in this dangerous place ... Thank you " these words lingered at the boundary of the black smoke.

Without waiting for any new variable to appear , he used Earth skipping technique to move towards the burrow , within a minute he was standing before the burrow . Even though his Earth skipping was little affected by the black earth, still he could skip about 9 meters easily. But the technique was not that simple, what made this technique more valuable was that, this was a continuous technique and if one was not stopped one could gain continuous acceleration bringing the persons speed to an unimaginable level . This was because as his speed increased , the force he exerted on the earth also increased which further increased the speed like a continuous cycle, but ones his speed reached a real high, he was unable to control the direction properly and one skip might take him to a place beyond the coverage of his spiritual sens ...

He put down the stone vat and the gourd to the side, of the cave entrance . A black sand storm started forming around him, this was the third technique that he created. He created a total of 4 techniques from the inspiration he gained through the brown fruit.

Earth skipping technique an agility and speed focused technique...

Earth golem technique an attack and defense focused technique...

Sand storm technique a wide area affect and micro control focused technique...

One with the earth technique an escape and scouting focused technique ...

The whirlpool of sand storm grew big all of a sudden and the sand storm had already entered the cave, the snake had already noticed this uninvited guest . The snake had already gone wary of these stone golems that visited two times every day , it had already felt someones hand behind these golems. It couldn't figure out who the mastermind was, but since the golems themselves were not that strong it didn't go out to catch the mastermind , and there were many other bigger monster that the king cobra was afraid of as has not fully grown yet .

But today was different, the snake was really vigilant because its instinct were screaming danger. It never cared about the golems that came in the last few days because it didn't feel any danger from them, but today it had an unease in the heart. So as the sand storm entered the cave , It swallowed the green jade and stood up opening its hood. Then it spayed a large amount of poison towards the storm . But the storm didn't stop it covered the whole cave , and as the snake was covered by the storm, it felt cold in its spine as if the scythe of the death god was already on its neck. It followed its instinct and sprayed a large amount of dark blue liquid poison towards the front without hesitation .

But a shadow had already appeared on its side and thrust a black spear into the area under its head and pinned it to the wall. In great anger and pain , it lashed its tail like a whip at the shadow ,but the shadow was also quick as if anticipated it took out a shield and sat down in a crouching position as if to take the hit head on. A brown aura spread out from the shield. A loud boom was heard, which reverberated in the entire cave . But before the sound even disappeared, the shadow after taking the hit head on did a round house motion leaving the shield behind and appeared very close, face to face before the pinned snake. Even the snake thought ,was this guy not afraid of being bitten by this poisonous hegemon, but all of a sudden the snake felt something wrong , it couldn't feel its lower body .

While doing the round house motion the shadow has already taken a big black blade and slashed the snake at a place little below from where the spear has pinned it, after cutting it into two in a clean manner the shadow kicked at the lower part with all the power sending it flying and used the rebound of the kick to retreat back .

The snake was stunned for a second, the shadow appeared for one second, cut it into two and disappeared from right before its eyes . It gave out an earth shattering shriek and sprayed out all its poison in one go. Within a little time after the shriek was heard a shadow jumped out of the cave entrance , got to the side of the entrance and sat down.

" Huh .... That was close... really close... "

After taking some long breaths, Sam started focusing on the cave with his spiritual sens . The lower part was wriggling all around the place, pouring out the innards on the floor. The upper body was struggling to free itself from the spear , while the green light was pouring out of the wound , but the upper body was unable to heal or regrow any longer, the pain was also increasing the struggle of the snake , but it didn't last long after half an hour both parts stopped the struggle. Sam waited another half an hour before entering the cave ones more.

As he walked a little inside he couldn't go any further as the poison in the surrounding where very high , he used the earth crystal with the armor to form the energy shield , As he got nearer to the snakes body, he saw that the lower body was still, but the upper body has started to decay, this was due to the aura emitted by the green jade .

He collected the shield and the spear first . After testing the green aura for some time, he reached out his hand and picked the green jade . As he picked it up the blackness that has started to form on the golems hand disappeared and it returned to its normal color of stone.

Sam was not surprised he send his spiritual sens into the green jade, As his spiritual sens entered the green jade, he felt as if rejuvenated all his tiredness have been removed .The aura emitted by the green jade started increasing ,it covered the whole golem and the area around it. He felt as if he was in a large green forest and breathing in the pure oxygen produced by all those green trees, he felt more calm and as if all his mental fatigues were removed and life force was filling his body .

He came out of this feeling after a while " no wonder the snake ,treated this jade as a great treasure ..... if I could meditate in that state the result would be really great..."

He felt like he missed something , but before inspecting any more he had to do some thing, He focused on the entrance of the cave and using his earth control ability closed it completely. Now the entrance of the cave looked like a naturally formed small mount. The green aura that came out has already decreased the amount of black smoke in the later part of the cave. The walls on many sides of the cave has already been destroyed, while the snake was struggling , he had to spent more time to discover where the human body was.

After excavating the rubble he found the body parts and the scroll , the weird thing was the body has not corrode at all , after scrutinizing more he found , this half body and hands had black crystal like bones and iron like flesh , both were really hard . He found some thing extra, a black ring on one of the hands .He paused for a second .

[Is this one of those space rings or other mysterious rings , like in those novels... then i am going to be rich... hehehe]

After giving the evil laugh Sam send his, spiritual sens into the ring, as it entered the ring he could feel as if he had entered a different place , but a black wall was blocking him from going any further .

He woke up and screamed in his mind [Hahaha... good, good ... finally a great reward for all my hard work...]

After calming himself down, he looked at the final object . The scroll even though it was laying down there he didn't pick it up, as his instinct was telling him this was something dangerous, not as dangerous as the snake, but still the vibe it gave was of something dangerous . So he stayed away and used his spiritual sens to probe near it , but nothing happened. Now he was in doubt. [Should I take it or not, would it be a trap that the dead guy setup, to harm the people who tried to take his treasures , or maybe his soul is inside it and as I open it he will poses me or something ... nah that does not look much plausible , Who will come to this dangerous place, even if some one would come, will they be weak and from the look of the body it does not seem like , what ever did this to this guy would have left any way for it to resurrect. I am already in all this danger , who cares.... I don't even know if there is a scroll inside the cover ...]

There was a black substance attached to the scroll, like dried up blood. He didn't care and used his spiritual sens to look what was inside .


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