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The Philosophers Adventure
Author :Half_Blind
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There was no reaction when Sam probed the scroll , It was just like a golden scroll used by emperors in ancient times, he saw a picture hidden behind the black substance that was covering it, it was an insignia , he didn't know who or what the insignia belonged to ,but he thought it was really cool.The insignia was of a dragon coiling up a sword.The dragon was aloof and dignified while the sword was sharp beyond compare and majestic, all this information came to him from the aura that the insignia was giving off.

Slowly he picked the scroll up , but as he was going to open it, he felt a chill pass through his spine,as if god of death was already holding his throat , he stood still without moving like a statue , as if ,if he moved even a single inch he would die. All of sudden he heard a roar which gave the aura of a dignified and aloof existence and it freed him from that state as if constricting the killing intent.

" It was a killing intent, if I had opened the scroll I would have died and the killing intent didn't come from the scroll but from the black substance that was attached to the scroll and it was subdued by the roar that came from the scroll, probably a dragons roar as depicted in the insignia ...."

He didn't want to explore this dangerous scroll any more,so he created a cylindrical shaped stone cover around it and put it inside the stone vat . The vat was filled with shining brown crystals, these were the earth crystals that he mined out. And the gourd contained the rest of the liquid essence.

Now his focus was on the green jade, he experimented with it for some time and found that if energy was channeled into it then the green aura came out and spread, the more energy channeled in more aura that came out . He started channeling the energy from the sphere into the green jade , more steady and vigorous aura came out from the green jade this time and filled the whole cave, black stone cave turned back to its original brown color , and the poison left behind by the snake were completely removed . The cave was filled with green energy which was filled with vitality and life energy , he had this same feeling , when he picked it up first.

He could control the energy flow emitted by the golden sphere and he maintained it to a stable state, such that the aura given out by the green jade would not be much vigorous but maintained a natural environment inside the cave. He achieved this by drawing a special symbol on the earth with a circle around it and putting both the spear and jade inside it.

This was also something he gained when he was in the enlightened state . He saw a lot of symbols appearing and disappearing in front of his eyes as he was in the state of one with earth, these were the same symbols that appeared and disappeared on the brown fruit.

he could only gain a primitive understanding of some of these symbols ... and one of them was the symbol of stabilization, it could stabilize the earth energy in the area of about 50 cm . also he has to drew the symbol again after about a day , as the first one would disappear after about 24 hours . The drawing also drained him of all his energy and he has to rest at least 2 hours before fully recovering.

As the energy emitted by the golden aura was stabilized , the green aura was also stabilized, producing a natural environment... after looking around and experimenting for one day ,he knew the surrounding was safe so he got out, of the golem suit and took deep breaths in the new environment. Then he sat down and took out his precious reward, the space ring , there was dollar signs in both his eyes and the hand holding the ring was slowly trembling with excitement, he brought it toward the nose and sniffed deeply .." The smell of richness ... he he he... so wonderful..." , he was exclaiming without remembering that, he had took it of from a dead body.

After calming himself down, he started using his spiritual sens to probe again , but the black wall still remained like an unshakeable fortress. After trying to push the wall with all his spiritual might he still failed. He started cursing " fucking black wall.. I am so close yet ... hum..."

In truth he didn't even knew if the ring contained anything at all , but after passing through all the ordeal he has in the past days, this was something that brought him excitement, so he went a little overboard with it.

All of a sudden he had an idea ,why not focus on a single point and break through , he started putting the idea into practice, he concentrated all the spiritual sens on a single point and tried to penetrate the black wall , after some tries he was finally able push in a little. But all of a sudden things took a drastic change , the wall started moving as liquid and started coiling around his spiritual sens and went towards the source, his brain.

" shit..."

The black liquid was fast , it entered his brain and he started having an unimaginable head ache, he started rolling over the ground holding his head tightly with both hands and screaming....

All of a sudden a the image of a mouth with fangs appeared and started swallowing the black liquid like a black hole , within microseconds there was no more black liquid , the pain also vanished, but Sam was still in cold sweats .. " shit ... I let my guard down for one second and I am in death bed... "

At same time the same image of the mouth with fangs appeared inside the space ring , and swallowed the entire black wall , after the black wall had disappeared there was a large space about 100 Km cube wide. There was a mountain of white crystals inside, about a million white crystals, after the black wall the mouth started swallowing the crystals , for some reason Sam was able to know what the mouth was doing , He knew this was the doing of the black statue. After being in daze for a second he shouted out

" stop you greedy bastard .... "

But it was too late, by the time he shouted about 99 percent of the crystals had disappeared .

Then he heard a snort, it was so powerful that he felt like he was an ordinary man experiencing a high scale earthquake, he fell down again ...

[ This guy is arrogant and dangerous , he is living inside me without giving any rent and has such attitude... but this guy has saved my life twice so I can't say anything... But my crystal .. sob sob.. couldn't he have left at least half of it ...]

He used his spiritual sens to probe in again, now there was no black wall, he could see the space inside the ring . There were about 10.000 white crystals left inside, other than that he found many other miscellaneous items, like clothes ,tables and chairs , beds etc... He also found many weapons , there were about ten thousand silver spears and shields , a black golden bow and 100 thousand arrows of different shapes and colors , there were a thousand swords which were light black in color made out of a similar material to that of his spear and blade. Then there was another sword kept in a separate location, it was emitting a powerful killing intent as if it had taken countless life , it was a long sword with golden hilt and a golden sheath , as his spiritual sens tried to probe it was completely deflected back .There were different colored cores and jades with patterns on them. There were different kind of ores of different colors , he even found the brown ore that he got from the earth mountain but was in a small quantity, he also found a black ore it was similar to what he found but was less dark and less sharp. There were also different boxes and bottles, containing different pills and herbs. There were also many books and scrolls ,which were written in language that he couldn't understand. There was a skin of an unknown beast with some writing on it , it was giving out a special aura .

After experimenting some more time, he was able to take things out and put it back inside the ring , he put the vat and gourd inside the ring. Then he took out a tent , this was made out of some exquisite material ,but at the same time real hard ,when he applied force on it symbols started appearing and tent became as hard as iron, and inside of the cave was much more spacious than appeared from outside , he took out a bed and laid on it.

It had been a long time since he had slept on a bed , he was asleep fast and when he woke up he felt refreshed and his mental fatigue has been removed ...


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