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The Philosophers Adventure
Author :Half_Blind
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10 dix

3 more days passed by he looked through all the stuff, but today he found something really interesting , this was a square piece of cloth and on it was a map , On the right corner of the map was the same insignia as drawn on the scroll . He was happy ,because this was his way out of this place, after carefully studying the map he knew it was the map of this place, even though he couldn't read what was written ,he could see the path shown in it and black and red symbols, which most probably showed danger .

After carefully studying the map he knew , he had to find the place where the map ended so that he could back track the path and get out of this place. He knew the guy who held the map was attacked by someone or something , and the guy himself was a real power house so he shouldn't have gone down without a fight . And the battle field of such power houses should not have disappeared so easily.

He created a new plan to investigate the surroundings more carefully, to find the clues of battle. Since the mother King cobra was not that powerful, he came to the conclusion that the battle must have occurred close by because the mother snake would not leave for too far from its burrow, as different dangers lurked around . He also had the vague idea that the plight of the man might have been caused by the defense mechanism of the mountains. If it was an enemy or animal they wouldn't have left behind the body and valuables, The King Cobra fighting and killing the person in such a way was not plausible, there might have been other reasons but Sam didn't focus on those reasons , so he made searching the defense mechanism perimeter his priority.

After searching for two day vigilantly he was not disappointed , he found a metal stele which was depicting the same insignia of dragon coiling around the sword and some words written under it , he didn't understand what was written but he remembered the words written on it and made a copy of it later. But what attracted him more was a huge hole in perfect circle shape that led into the ground in a slanted manner near the stele, and the side of the hole was burned into ash as if some giant laser canon was fired. The corpse also showed signs of its upper body being burned to nothing in a clean manner, making a small arc in the lower body. This would perfectly align with the model of a person standing before a huge laser beam that came from the defense mechanism , the laser beam after turning the upper body into ash went further and created the large hole.

[ I don't know what happened , but i guess my conjunctures are close to truth ... without thinking about the why's of this incident, I should focus on the directions to which I will start my journey ]

Sam has been using the underground cave as his base for last few days and today he was going to live this base forever, he had already kept everything into the space ring, including the dead body which was now kept inside a stone coffin. He has already got used to using the green jade, golden sphere and the golem together , creating a new armored golem which gave out a green aura lingering around its body and completely deflecting both the black and red smokes .

At first he thought following the map would make his journey much easier , but he was wrong again, As he moved further he found there were many other animals that lived in the black and red smoke, the ones he first came into where small ones but still had aggressive nature , he could deal with the smaller ones without much effort. But later bigger ones started appearing in the path depicted by the map.

The first one was a red ape, Sam was really unwilling to fight the red colored animals, the simple reason being they were more aggressive and would not stop attacking until one destroyed them completely , They would also not give upon any animal that came into their sight no matter what. and Sam was already noticed by this guy.

[ fuck... this guy is a king kong , his hands looks really heavy and he is fast... But this will also be a test to gauge my strength...]

The ape came swinging , Sam didn't have time to dodge so he used the energy shield ....


An earth shattering sound was heard but the energy shield didn't budge.

Boom ....Boom...

The situation was not looking good anymore , the thickness of the energy shield was decreasing with each punch , the ape was pummeling him down and this was no fair exchange ....

He needed to get away from the ape , maybe using the energy shield is not the way to go , but the energy shield sure is tiring it out , after more than 30 punches, the punches have become a little weaker. The energy shield has also thinned out . Now is the time for counter attack.

" Earth Capture... Earth spikes "

Two earth hands came out and took hold of both the legs of the ape.. the ape broke out within seconds , but was already late, the spikes arrived , Even though the spike didn't penetrate the flesh completely but it did wound it legs and thighs . Sam didn't wait for the ape to balance it self, he used the earth skip to jump up, took out the heavy blade and struck down . The ape held both his hands up and put on a defensive stature , red aura appeared on both its arms and the ape completely blocked the blade. But Sam was not ideal either a stone ball appeared under the golems foot and he crushed the ball onto the thighs with a kick, directly where the ape was wounded . The stone ball was crushed and dark blue liquid came out , the liquid started corroding the apes flesh and entered its wounds .

The same time Sam pulled back with the rebound of the kick , and he exerted the green aura towards the right foot , where the splashed blue liquid was corroding it , the blue liquid was completely pushed out by the green aura . The stone ball was a new weapon he developed to deal with the red beasts , the stone ball was just another stone ball but it contained the venom that was extracted from poison sac of the King cobra.

An angry scream was heard , the ape has been enraged . Sam could have waited out for the venom to completely take effect, but he didn't because the noise made from the fight and roar could attract other beasts, then he would be in real danger and he did not want to test his luck.

Sam didn't directly attack but skipped around and increased his speed by the time the enraged ape was already on him , he defended the punch with the heavy blade but was thrown back, he didn't mind he used the power from the punch to gain more momentum for the next skip and appeared directly above the ape and used another slash towards the apes head. Ape defended its head with its hand covered in red aura. The red aura started appearing all over its body , Sam was pushed back but maintained his momentum skipping again and to make another attack , but he was in for a surprise , the red aura that surrounded the ape formed into a big red hand and punched towards him. Sam used the energy shield at full power , The Apes counter attack was really powerful ,he was send back like a canon ball , he didn't stop for about 100 meters breaking anything that came in the way , 2 black trees were broke in half .

Sam was completely shaken by this attack , even though he was not injured there was an additional palm print on the armor and all the earth crystals that was in the sockets were completely used up and turned to powder. he stood up again and used the energy from the golden sphere to mend the cracks that had appeared on the stone golem. He inserted new earth crystals into the sockets and was ready for another round.

He didn't waste time and started skipping towards the ape again . The ape was in no good situation ,after using the special technique , the poison has spread towards all its internal organ along with blood, black veins started appearing all over its body and it became much weaker.

But it still didn't run away instead it started rushing towards the enemy without any care.

Sam didn't go for a direct attack , instead he used earth spikes to form a barricade before the rushing ape, the ape destroyed the spikes with punches , but it was also slowed down . The same time Sam appeared on its left side and slashed on the back of its left knee attacking the joint and pulled back , this time the red aura has decreased significantly, so the strike went through and the apes left leg was crippled.

Another wild cry was heard , Sam didn't care he attacked without break and after many strikes he landed a critical strike on its head breaking the skull. He put the dead body into the ring and ran away, after gaining some distance ,he dug into the earth made a small hole and closed it from the out side and used one with earth technique . Now even if an expert was to walk above him or use spiritual sens ,they will not find any difference but just soil.

Just after Sam left the place he heard loud rumble coming from the place where he fought , after some time the rumble passed by him but didn't notice him. Sam didn't have the time to check what kind of animal it was , because he was too tired. he just laid there without moving.


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