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The Philosophers Adventure
Author :Half_Blind
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He was recalling the battle that he just had, [I am strong but not strong enough for a head on fight. I could take on one big red beast at a time in a head on fight. I can deal with three at a time using the sand storm technique and One with earth technique. I am undetectable in the sand storm if I use one with earth technique inside the sand storm and I can sneak attack the animals , taking them out one by one but it is energy consuming after three I will be tired and would need to rest at least for 2 hours. Even if the number is more I can still escape, the problem is if I encounter a beast that can detect me when I am using one with the earth technique.]

After about 5 hours he got out of the pit.

[Its time to continue the journey...]

An year passed by, There was a place in the outskirts of black and red land , here the black and red smoke where thinner and one could see what was before them vaguely. And in these out skirts there was a big boulder and a stone golem was standing before it with a broken armor. The armor was chipped in many places, the spikes on it has been disfigure and squashed in , there was a big claw mark making five deep cuts that has almost cut the upper part of the armor into two. And the golem was holding on to a big black blade whose sharp edge had many chips. and cracks have started to appear on the blade.

After experiencing what he had experienced in the last few months he thought he would not make it out from that hell. But with firm determination and lots of luck, he some how made it out to this place. This was the last place marked in the path shown by the map, he looked around this boulder a few times and didn't find anything, but he knew better than to trust his five senses or spiritual sens. As he had experienced many painful events and close shave with death, for trusting on his senses .

[The map clearly shows a circle around here and this boulder is the only thing around here, I have even climbed up the boulder and there is nothing , this doesn't seems to be an illusion either and if it is then it must be at the level of the defense mechanism of five element mountains. should I attack and see... no, It might attack back... maybe there is something that is needed to activate it... the scroll ]

He took out the golden scroll with black substance covering it, and all of a sudden as if reacting to the scroll the boulder started emitting blue colored light, and blue colored symbols started appearing on the boulder , soon the boulder itself disappeared and in its place there appeared a platform with a circle and many symbols and writing on it , And there were 30 sockets inside the circles.

[This is probably a teleportation array or something and the sockets are for the crystals to activate it.... I should activate it only as a last resort , if I didn't find any other way out... after traveling all this way I can feel the black and red smoke decreasing , sooner it might completely disappear and i would be out. ]

After examining it for some more time ,he left and as he walked a certain distance the boulder reappeared. He kept moving in the direction where the black and red smoke were thinner.

And finally he got out , when he first saw the outside world and the warm sunlight .He could not hold himself back , he opened the golem suit and came out knelt down and shed some tears of joy. It was a big wild forest before him, but he didn't care, after some time he came back to himself .

" I am finally out ,but I should not let my guard down ...."

He got into the golem suit and started exploring further , The trees in the forest were humongous ,it was almost dark inside these forest . Soon he found more enemies, these were big lizard like creatures that lived on these big trees, the difficult thing about fighting them were there healing abilities . he cut down the first lizard that jumped down on to him in two, but when he looked back he found that the upper body moved towards the lower body and joined together with it as if nothing happened. He could not fully see the process as another lizard has already jumped at him, this time he cut it from the neck sending the head flying . And the lizard stayed dead, he went close to the head trying to find the core and found a white core but that was smaller in size compared to the cores of animals in the black and red smoke.

But as he was thinking he heard a loud scream, He turned back to see that the other lizard was making this loud sounds, he had a bad premonition about this, so he moved fast and cut another head down , but as he collected the core and was going to move , he heard rumbling coming from the side and as he looked to the place, he saw hundreds of lizard were coming towards him like a beast horde and there were not only brown lizards like the one he killed but bigger white lizards .

He came back to his senses [ I think i can collect some more white cores , they give out a similar aura to the green jade]

He had already put the green jade inside the space ring , as it was a real life saving treasure that saved him in many sticky situations, and he didn't need it in the outskirts of the black and red smoke as the smoke was thinner in these area.

He used the sand storm technique and disappeared , after that many sounds of blade slashing down and and heads rolling were heard . But he was in for a surprise when he faced the white lizards as his blade didn't completely cut through it and was held back by the white scales that was growing all over its body and he also saw the other white lizard coming to the aid of the one that was attacked and perfectly coordinated with each other as if they had a mental connection with each other and they covered each others back even though they could not see or use other senses properly in the sand storm.

Sams advantages were starting to vain now and white lizards were adapting to the new environment quickly and they were also screaming. Now the bad premonition that he had was getting more intensified. He started hearing more rumble and this time it was heavier, as the rumble started closing the earth started trembling . Sam used his spiritual sens and found thousands of lizards running towards him and there were three bigger lizards among horde which were double the size of the white lizards and had shining white scales. They looked in his direction as he used his spiritual sens as if detecting the source of the spiritual sens. His heart started beating faster and his hands and foots became cold. he had this feeling only when facing against the dangerous animals in the black and red smoke.

He didn't wait for them to arrive, he expanded the sand storm to 2km and whole place was filled with sand storm,he ran in a different direction than the three big lizards and collected many heads while escaping , he saw a smaller white lizard ,this was a newbie who has not yet adapted to the sand storm. He took out a broken spear, this was the same black spear that he created but was already broken during one of his fights in the smoke. He pierced it directly into the eye of the white lizard and killing it, collected the body and moved faster. A loud cry was heard one of the three bigger lizard were enraged . it opened its mouth and the tongue struck out like a double headed spear and at the same time the white aura around it formed the image of a much bigger silver lizard and it stuck its tongue out too, the real tongue could not reach him but the tongue of the aura had a longer reach. Sam activated his energy shield with full power burning the crystals to dust, the lizards strike was powerful as it hit the energy shield, the shield started disintegrating and Sam was shot into the air breaking one of the huge tree.

As he was falling he saw a spine chilling scene , not far away there were two white mountains one big and one small, These mountains looked like they were made of white marble like a great art work and as he was falling down he saw movement on the smaller mountain and big eye appeared on it, and as the eyes looked at him he felt like he was in an ice cellar where the temperature was freezing cold.

Only when he hit the ground did he came back to his senses, he didn't dare look back and used the earth skipping at full power without any care. Blood was leaking out of his mouth as his internal organs were damaged from the previous strike, but he kept skipping without stop. The speed has increased to a point where he could not control , he was breaking through trees and stones or what ever came in front of him. His speed increased to such a level that he crossed a 10Km wide river in a single leap, He knew he had to stop and started slowing down. luckily he didn't hit something that was harder than he could handle. But still his injuries had worsen to critical state, he took the golem into his ring and used last of his strength to dig into the earth and made a stone coffin, then closed both coffin and the pit . He took out the green jade put it on his chest. closing his eyes.


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