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The Philosophers Adventure
Author :Half_Blind
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Three months passed by, a man was fighting a black scaled tiger with his bare hands and earth control ability, he showed great agility and maneuvered the swipe of the tiger . He used an earth spike and made it retreat , while he himself used earth skip to appear right above the tigers head and landed a heavy blow with a strong punch.

It has been about two and a half month since he had completely healed after being chased by the lizards. After regaining his health he faced many other wild monsters, he escaped from many and dealt with many. He also realized many truths, like this was not earth here night and day were much longer and the sun and moon of this planet was much bigger, the star system was also entirely different . After determining a general direction he kept on moving and he found that, the further he moved the less powerful the wild beasts.

Now Sam was able to fight a wild beast with his bare hands, he always had a dream to be a true martial artist who could face armed enemies without any weapons . The enjoyment one gets when smashing the enemy with a weapon cannot compare with, pummeling an enemy with bare hands , the rebound that one gets on the fist when punching ones enemy is one of the most satisfying feeling one can have even if the hand is hurt in the process.

One more thing he found was that he had become a glutton for these wild beast meat, and sometimes he even had an urge to drink its blood, he had the feeling that this had something to do with the black statue.

Another year passed by, after all the fights and dangers, that he had passed through, He could completely control his body to an extreme and was like natural born martial arts genius. Today a wild man wearing clothes made out of wild beasts skin and fur was carrying a four armed bear, this was his food for today. The wild man had long hair tied up firmly and a long beard, there were many cuts and bruise marks all over his body, which were like trophies of many wild battles that he had fought bravely, a five clawed mark on his chest was the most prominent one.

This was Sam who had completely transformed. It was not that he didn't have any clothes but the clothes in the space ring were fancy type and combat type which he didn't like much. After tearing many clothes in fights he choose the animal skin which were much durable.

[It has been a long time since i started wandering in this forest, does this forest have no end....

thinking about eating a properly cooked meal makes me drool, but the meat of these beast are really good even with my bad cooking..... When will I meet another human or would it be some other alien species. ..... huh .... what is that in the sky..... it looks like a space ship...wow its floating in the air just like that...]

He ran in the direction to take a closer look, but he was already detected by the other party.

It was a big space ship like in those science fiction movies, but had a much more imposing aura in real life. He climbed on a hilly area to have a better view and saw some people with weapons attacking a golden lion cub. When Sam focused more he found that not all of them were humans some had animal heads and the one leading the attack was a pig headed thing. there was also a dog head and fox head, the rest appeared to be normal people . There were about 10 people surrounding the lion cub. Three animal heads and seven normal heads.

Sam didn't notice at first but there was a flying disc below the space ship and two people were standing on it, a haughty young man and a creepy old man. It felt like a special aura was covering both these people making them almost invisible. They were also looking in his direction as soon as he arrived.

[ What should I do, should i go and try to interact with these people.... but i don't know their language .... from what i heard, when the soldiers talked to each other while trying to capture the cub, I didn't understand a word ..... and I have a bad feeling about that young man and the old... they looks with contempt, as if they are staring at just another wild animal.... ]

old butler Serome " Young master that barbarian, could be a rebel who escaped in the past, should I capture him..."

Young master Mike lomba " No need, just kill him ... "

mike shouted to his subordinates " pig head aziz take 3 men and kill that guy lurking on the small hill, bring his body and belongings to me.... We should determine if he is a real rebel..."

Pig head aziz " yes master.... i will butcher him, in the most cruel manner so that it pleases you my lord... "

Pig head aziz looked at his fellow soldiers and gave the orders "Rick, Tammy and dog head shaje follow me.... Wano take the lead and contain the lion cub..."

Sam didn't understand what was happening but he saw the young man giving some orders to the pig head and pig head taking 3 men and walking toward him.

pig head aziz " you over there come down and bow before me and accept the death like a filthy ant that you are.."

[ What is this pig head saying, I don't understand, should I play dumb... but I can clearly see the scorn and contempt on his shit face... I will act according to the next move he make...]

The four people started climbing the hill in a rapid manner as if they were using some movement technique... they reached the top within a minute. The dog head took out a gun which looked like a futuristic weapon, and he started shooting plasma energy.

Sam was stunned for a micro second, [ plasma guns.... am I in a futuristic world...], The moment he felt their killing intent without any provocation, he had already considered them his enemy and made his move. With his spiritual sens he dodged the plasma bullet easily and used earth skip to reach the dog head and punched him in the face, breaking his face and teeth.

[shit I used too much energy ....after fighting with beasts day and night, I can barely hold back my strength... did I kill that guy ....]

Sam used earth skip again and created a certain distance between him and the attackers.

While he attacked the old butler narrowed his eyes and the others were completely stunned.

Sam put forward his hands in a stop sign and said " wait..."

But the attackers didn't seem to care about their comrade or what Sam was saying...

After noticing Sam's hesitation, Pig head yelled with " He is not a true warrior .... surround him and attack..."

Facing the three sided attack, even though Sam didn't know what pig head was saying, he could understand their actions...

Rick had a gun and and started shooting at Sam with extreme precision, making Sam dodge left and right, while Tammy attacked with a spear. The spear had some glowing symbols on it and it produced a laser beam, this was much stronger than the plasma bullets. Sam dodged the attack again, but he knew some one else was targeting him from the above. It was the pig head with a spiked club.

As the attack closed in the club started glowing with symbols and fire appeared on the spikes.

Sam knew this was a small area attack and he couldn't dodge this easily, so he created a big earth shield and defended. Bang ....Sam was pushed back by the force of the attack, Cracks started forming on the shield and half of it was burned to ashes, The attack was more powerful than the full powered attack of a military Tank.

The pig guy didn't stop and used another attack, but this time one more red colored symbol appeared on the club and the the club started burning vigorously. Sam felt like a missile has blasted right in front of him, an Enormous flame engulfed him, Sam used earth defense technique. A thick semi circled earth wall was formed and he was pushed back, leaving a big mark on the ground...

Old butler " young master he is a natural born earth body... at least a medium grade. "

Mike Lomba got exited "Capture that guy alive... we can sell him for a high price .."

The old butler disappeared from the flying disk.

At this time Sam had already started getting angry, as his fur clothes and skin has burned a little. [ of-course showing mercy to ones enemy is cruelty to self....]

After living with dangerous wild beast for many years he has developed a wild nature to himself. Strong killing intent started emerging out of his body changing his entire aura to that of a wild beast. He knew this aura had something to do with the Black statue and when he entered this state he became an emotionless killing machine, with only one goal, to destroy his enemies.

Sam calmed himself down forcefully suppressing his killing intent. But he was determined to not hold back again, he used earth skip to move away and earth spikes to block the enemy. He increased his speed with earth skip and appeared behind Rick the gun user, and attacked with a big hand formed from earth. But one of the black wrist guard on Rick started glowing with a symbol and an energy shield was formed around him and blocked Sam's attack . Cracks started appearing on the shield, Sam didn't hold back but used earth skip again and increased his force to land another attack. This time the shield broke and attack landed directly on Rick's back, sending him flying with many broken bones and blood spraying from his mouth.


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