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The Philosophers Adventure
Author :Half_Blind
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13 treize

Sam didn't wait to see the reaction of others, he appeared before the next guy with more force, holding an earth spear piercing directly the energy shield formed around Tammy. Tammy was also a spear user but he could not keep up with Sam's speed. Tammy was pierced on his left shoulder breaking the shoulder bone completely. Tammy was also thrown back spraying blood.

The next target was the pig head, he was the strongest among attackers, Sam did not waste even a second and formed another spear and attacked in full force with the next earth skip.

Bang... a powerful shield had formed around the pig head and many symbols were glowing on his armor, The power of this shield was many times more than what the other attackers used. Sam attacked three times in a row, the power of attack increasing with each new attack, cracks started appearing on the energy shield, but still the energy shield did not break.

The pig head was in panic, he pulled out something like a grenade and threw it to the ground, there was an explosion and a blue smoke covered the entire area, At the same time a mask had already appeared covering the pig heads mouth and nose. This was some kind of poisonous gas grenade which could be used against powerful wild beasts. Sam was going for the fourth attack when the grenade exploded and he was already in its range, Even though Sam was fast and used another earth skip to get away from the area he was a little late and as he moved away he started feeling like he was becoming weaker and he could not control the energy in his body.

As he was moving away he unknowingly ended up near the dog head, The dog head has gained his conscience and threw another similar grenade, the dog head also had a similar mask like the pig head. Now Sam was really angry at himself for pitying this guy and holding back on his attack. He did not linger any longer and used the next earth skip and passed by the dog head.

A dogs head was send flying up as Sam passed by the dog headed shaje. Sam didn't slow down after decapitating shaje he was going to escape, the blue smoke has already entered his body and Sam knew he could not fight with his full strength any longer. Suddenly he felt his instincts giving out the alarm for a big threat, But he was late a blue spear already pierced through his left chest before he could react. Sam suppressed the pain and tried to pull away with another earth skip, but before that symbols started appearing on the spear that was struck in his left chest, a blue flame started appearing on the spear and it burned through the wound in his chest and started to spread inside.


An earth shattering scream was heard, The pain was unbearable but Sam used the next earth skip with full force freeing himself from the spear and at the same time he used the sand storm technique and one with the earth technique, The Sand storm covered a 2Km radius and everything in it became vague and undetectable, Sam disappeared completely with the help of one with the earth technique.

The old butler gave a cold snort as he jumped out of the sand storm holding a blue spear.

Sam had a hole on his left chest which was charred black, his left lung has been pierced through, breathing became hard, he took out the green jade and put it in his mouth without hesitation. He used the earth control ability to dug into the earth and tunneled without any stop, after about 15 minutes he was in water, unknown to him he entered an underground river. He was in no position to use his spiritual sens to look ahead as he was already loosing his conscience due to the heavy damage that he has suffered. He was not only having internal bleeding, the blue poisonous gas has also entered the blood stream weakening him severely.

The green jade was healing his body but he was unable to fasten the process by guiding energy into it. Soon Sam lost his conscience and was drifted along by the force of the underground river.

After about 4 hours a body was floating on the river current without any direction like a nameless corpse, Sam had already entered a deep sleep like state and he had unknowingly swallowed the green jade into his stomach, but the jade did not stay there for long as it was swallowed by another mouth that appeared like a black hole out of nowhere.

At the critical point it was the black statue that acted and swallowed the green jade. As soon as the jade was swallowed a green aura started appearing from the statue , which was channeled to Sams blood and wounds in an undetectable manner. Even though his body started healing he remained unconscious .

At this time in the forest were the battle took place, a boot was pressed against the pig head aziz face, stamping him into the ground.

Young master mike " you worthless shit eating pig, can't you do even one thing properly, do you know how much money I have lost, It was a medium grade Earth body and that barbarian also had a high quality space ring... he was clearly a noob yet you let him escape..."

stamping the pig face two more times on the face he gave out another order to sweep the entire area without leaving a single leaf unturned .

A five year old kid was following her mother through a river bank, That is when the child noticed a body floating in the river and she screamed " mother look.. look there is a dead body floating in the river ..."

The mother looked towards the direction in which the child was pointing at....

Mother " Yue yan don't scream such nonsense ... we don't know whether its a dead body "

The mother pressed on her wrist watch and after a few seconds an old man's 3D image appeared above the watch " Father there is some one in the river , I think the person was hurt badly by some wild beast and tried to escape into the river and lost consciousness we need to save him before some other wild beast in the river notice him..."

Old man "you just wait there Biyu, I will be there in a minutes.... "

Soon three hover bikes approached the river with two young and one old man, the old man got down besides the mother and child, while ordering the two young men to get the body.

Sam was brought ashore, The old man determined the person was still alive and only lost consciousness. they brought Sam along with them and the small girl was staring at this person with great curiosity .

Yue yan " mother since I was the one who found and saved him, shouldn't this person owe his life to me..."

Biyu " Don't start with your nonsense again..."

Sam was brought to a hospital, the doctor was an old lady she brought a burning herb towards Sam's nose, after smelling the smoke produced, he woke up coughing out some water.

" cough ... cough ...where am I..."

Doctor and the rest [....???.. what gibberish is this guy speaking ... did this guy hit his head some where... ]

Sam came back to his senses [ shit i forgot about the language... this seems like some kind of hospital... these people does not seems to be bad people, and they probably saved me from the river ...my instincts are calm, it means I am in no danger...]

Doctor " hmmm... young man how do you feel, do you feel any discomfort...."

Sam[ should i play dumb or an idiot... I think I will go with the idiot, let the act begin...]

Sam was pretending like he had no clue about who he was or what the doctor was saying like an idiot.

Doctor had a small smirk on her face and she said " seems like the young man ... has lost his memories... he seems to have suffered some kind of mental trauma, maybe a mental attack from some powerful wild beast caused this ... let him rest for a while..."

Yue yan " so he is an idiot.... I wasted all my effort saving an idiot... hah..."

she gave out a long sigh like an old granny... but a hand had already started twisting her ear...

"ouch... mom, why are you twisting my ear its hurting...."

Biyu " I told you already, to stop blabbering nonsense..."

After getting out of her mothers hands, she ran away to the doors and turned back and stuck her tongue out.

" idiot, you owe me your life... so you better pay up.."

Every one in the room started laughing ..... later the doctor said Sam needed rest, so every one left the room and Sam was allowed to rest alone.

Sam started immersing in his thoughts [ I can vaguely understand the meaning of the words these people speaks from their accompanying actions... but I am still far from, understanding anything solid ....]

As he was immersed in his thoughts he heard a knock on the door, and the lady doctor came in.

Doctor " young man I don't know why you are pretending , neither do I want to know. The village is already in very bad situation we don't want any more troubles, so please leave after resting for a while "

Sam did not exactly understand what this old lady was saying, but from her expression he knew he was busted and his acting was not that good. But he knew these people were not bad, so he tried to communicate with the doctor using some made up hand signs .

After 10 minutes the doctor also understood, that this guy was not entirely pretending, so she brought out her wrist watch and after pressing it a 3D image appeared, after selecting some options on it, a screen appeared showing different language texts.

Sam understood that the doctor was showing him different languages that were spoken in this place, he to cooperated with the doctor to look for any language that he knew.

After 3 hour two tired people were sitting opposite to each other... after searching through a hundred thousand language they didn't find anything, He even gave the name of all the language that he knew but there was no result.... Now the doctor started having doubts again, is this guy pretending again.

Seeing the look on the doctor face, Sam held his hand together and bowed, showing his sincerity he didn't know how to convince the old lady.

The lady doctor as if understanding Sam's situation, gave a gesture that it was okay....


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