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The Philosophers Adventure
Author :Half_Blind
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14 quatorze

3 days passed by, Sam was out of the bed and he came to a mutual understanding with the doctor . He was given an odd job in the clinic and a small room in the corner to sleep at night. Sam really sucked at the job since he didn't understands many things that the doctor and others told him to do and messed up many things.

6 more days passed by. There was a small school in the violet flower village, the singing of a nursery rhyme could be heard from the outside, it was just another day at the nursery school but there was a noticeable difference in the small class room, there was a big guy sitting in the back bench along with the small children, and this person was taking note every now and then like a model student ... the teacher was an young lady, who was trying hard to maintain the decorum of the class and her own laughter, she was just trying to teach normally just like any other day.

But the kids would turn back every now and then curiously, trying to figure out what this odd guy was doing in their class room. of-course the black sheep among the white heard was Sam, who was trying to get a better understanding of the common language.

The old lady doctor after considering Sam's situation, enrolled him into the kids school to gain a better understanding of the common language, As a grown up person Sam didn't think much about it, but he soon found his school days were not that smooth .He had to deal with bullies every day and the style of teaching were also entirely different. There was a compulsory martial arts class , where one has to engage in bodily training, without any power, a special belt was put on each kids waist which completely blocked them from using their special powers and a small shock was given to any one, who try use super powers. Only after getting electrocuted many times did Sam realize how much he depended on his super powers and techniques .

There was also meditation classes in which children recited a certain Mantra while, sitting in a meditative position, after reciting the mantra for a while they will enter a deep sleep like state, in which they try to feel the surroundings and guide the spiritual energy in the surroundings into their lower dantian to be absorbed. There were specific equipment's to know how long a child remained in the deep sleep like state, A kid was considered talented and genius, if he or she can remain in the deep sleep like state for a long period and could absorb more energy than the others within the same time. The little girl Yue yan was considered a very rare genius , she could remain in the sleep like state for a whole day if she wanted to and her energy absorption was about 50 times more than that of an ordinary talented person.

There were many other things that he noticed in these few days, the first was, even though this place was called a village ( violet flower village), If one were to put this village on earth, it would be considered a high-tech city from the future, The village was protected by big and thick walls from four sides forming a fortress with plasma guns and canon mounted on four sides. The village it self was situated in the outer part of the forest where the wild beast run amok, and this was the reason for heavy weapons on the walls. Technological development of this place was an eye opener for Sam, there were robots who did menial tasks like cleaning and other similar jobs, people used hover vehicles and many other technology that Sam did not understand.

Sam also noticed many weird things about the villagers, Even though they lived like ordinary villagers, celebrating small things from time to time. There was still deep sorrow and fear hidden in their eyes. Another thing was, the number of woman were much more than the men, the teenage and middle aged men were very few in numbers, Sam did not give much importance to this matter as he thought they might have gone outside to find work or something.

After some days he found the answer for this, that day he found that there was a huge crowd outside the the small hospital. When he entered into the clinic he found many injured men bathed in blood, many had deep claw marks and gashes, while some had their limbs missing . The old lady was really busy as there were only three doctors and about 15 nurses to go around, and the number of injured were about thirty, nine of them were in critical state... The old lady was treating a one eyed old man who had very deep wound, even the beating heart was visible from the outside.

After being here for more than ten days he had a basic understanding of the medicines and their name... After all his ability to learn increased to about a fifty times after waking up inside the mountain. Soon he became a great help to the doctors and nurses as he was many times faster and perceptive than the nurses, the doctors just needed to give out the name and the medicines would be already in their hands, and he didn't get tired. Even after giving their all, one person still died, because some kind of medicine was not in the hospital.

After making sure that the nurses could handle the rest, he went out to get some air... as he walked out he saw the worried faces of the families, Sam was considered to be a mute as he did not talk to any one, but still many people came forward to inquire about their loved ones, Sam showed some hand gestures and used some of the words that he had learned in theses few days to console them.

As he was walking out he saw that the village head who was the same old man who brought him into the village , the old doctor and the one eyed old man who had been covered in bandages from head to toe, were having some serious discussions in the doctors room.

while, Biyu and Yue yan were comforting the family members of the injured, Seeing Yue yan made him remember some bad experience that he had to pass through these few days. The school in the village was a primary School, which taught upto fifth grade, for higher education one had to go to town far away from village. Yue yan was a fifth grader and was considered the big sister in the school and the biggest bully, but when Sam started going to school she was not the biggest any more, so she wanted Sam to join her gang as her lackey.

As a grown up man Sam didn't give much mind to these child play and ignored them completely, the big sister was not happy about this, she felt like she lost face and the next day his desk and chair were filled with graffiti bad mouthing him. Sam didn't take this to heart, but he was in for a surprise.

As he was listening to the class attentively something exploded under his chair, his wild beast instincts kicked in as a retaliation to an unknown attack, without thinking much he used his full strength to move along with the earth skipping technique. He also carried the four close by children in both his hands like puppies and created an earth wall behind him. It was just a remote controlled cracker planted by Yue yan and her lackeys. for this reason he didn't feel any danger before the explosion through his instincts, and the kids never meant to harm him.

But when this unknown explosion took place he became much more cautious and used his full power from the beginning. After experiencing all kind of life threatening dangers, what he was most afraid of was the unknown dangers which he could not notice or predict. The result of his reaction was disastrous, half of the the class room was almost completely destroyed. All the children started crying simultaneously and the teacher was staring at him gobsmacked.

In the afternoon he was in the principals office along with the preparators, Yue yan and her gang. Surprisingly now , Yue yan and her lackeys were not showing their usual haughty faces when looking at Sam but fearful faces, because they were watching the whole thing secretly and they knew the person who they were messing with was a real monster.

Now Sam and the doctor had to play the idiot and memory loss card again, to let Sam continue his school.... Yue yan and gang were in for good scolding and cried, Later the parents brought their children and made them apologize to Sam, He was an easy going person so he stopped the parents and patted the four children's head with a smile and took them to the nearby ice cream shop and bought the children ice creams of their liking, completely sealing the previous events.

The next day he was in for a bigger trouble, because the four children Yue yan , Genma, Edgar and Keira , were blocking his entrance to his class room. Sam was confused, he thought the problems were solved but he was in for more surprises, Now the four kids wanted him to join their Pink flower gang as their big brother and leader. They would follow him where ever he went and pester him to be their leader, In the end he had to give in to the puppy eyes of the children.

But soon he realized that this was just another trap, As the leader he had to pay for all the ice creams and sweets that the kids ate, he would also take the major responsibility of any mischief that these little punks committed. Soon his pockets were empty and he was living with a half empty stomach... When he first joined the school, The old doctor had provided him with thousand ken as advance payment for his one month salary. Ken was the currency used in this world, For some unknown reason he didn't find any Ken inside the space ring , and he was hesitant to sell the things inside the ring as it might attract unwanted attention and dangers... so he had to earn a living . So he approached the old doctor for another loan, where he found that he was already in a big debt after the doctor had paid for the repairs of the classroom...


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