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The Philosophers Adventure
Author :Half_Blind
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15 quinze

It had been three months since Sam has settled in the village and today he was spending some leisure time with a beautiful lady, this elegant lady was his nursery school class teacher Jemin, she had a kind and noble aura. Sam was attracted to her the first time he met her in the class room, later he also found that this lady was the grand daughter of the old doctor. Her parents were not in the village and Sam was sensible enough to not dig into this matter, as he could feel a little sadness from her when ever this matter came up.

Today Jemin was going shopping for some materials needed for the school, and Sam gladly joined her as an helper to carry the things she bought, She knew Sam was pursuing her but didn't stop him, giving a silent consent. Sam was really happy about his first date, as a little introvert he never got the chance to go on a date on earth, but today was his day , of course only he considered this a date.

Sam [ I need to be confident and do everything right .... should I bring some flowers, no I shouldn't push my luck, she does not even consider this as a date.. but me helping her out a little, I should take everything slowly ..... and before anything I need to deal with the disaster that is waiting to happen ] After going through all these thoughts, he gave a side way glance to a nearby alley .

Four Ninjas have been following him, ever since he left his house and went to pick up Jemin from her house. Obviously these were the four punks of the the pink flower gang.

A small black bug that looked normal has been following, Sam and Jemin keeping a certain distance, this was a spying bug which could send direct feed of what was in front of the bug to the owner. In the alley Yue yan was surrounded by the other three, and a 3D video feed was playing from her wrist watch, in which Sam and Jemin were happily talking to each other and walking to the shop.

Yue yan " See I told you ... he was up to something fishy ... other wise who in their right mind would turn down our wonderful Idea to swindle sweets from uncle Georges shop and climb the back mountains to find some nectar fruits..."

Edgar " but big brother always, turns down all our wonderful ideas...scolding us not to create any trouble "

Yue yan " Idiot what do you know .... Big brother has caught a terrible disease ... my father ones told me about it... when one is affected by this disease, they will have a smile on their face all the time, they will start humming songs every now and then.... they will also smirk and laugh alone without any reason... then slowly they will become a complete slave to the women, to whom they have been talking a lot recently... ...and later the man will completely obey the lady like a robot... I have been observing Big brother and saw him show these symptoms recently... and now look he is carrying all the things that teacher Jemin bought like a robot..."

Keira lowered her head and blushed, and muttered in a low voice " .. I wish big brother would become my slave ..."

At this time Sam who was carrying a lot of stuff almost fell down, he has been observing the kids with his spiritual sens all this time, to prevent them from creating any trouble... but when he heard what Yue yan said he almost lost balance and fell down. He was pulled back to his senses by a laughter. When he turned back, he saw Jemin laughing out loud and holding her stomach unable to control her laughter. He was not the only one who was observing the kids and when she saw Sam loosing his balance, she couldn't hold her laughter anymore...

Sam [Little devils I will teach you a hard lesson for this .. just wait ...]

Sam turned back to Jemin with a little awkward smile and said " Kids now a days are clueless and speak out any gibberish ..."

Jemin started laughing again ... " aren't you their boss.. "

Sam did not know what to speak any more, so he guided Jemin to nearby refreshment store to have a little rest, at the same time he sneakily send a message from his watch... { Sister Biyu please help me, Yue Yan and other are creating trouble in the alley near the supermarket.. please come fast...}

After some time noises were heard from the alley, and Jemin started laughing again.

Jemin "... What kind of a boss betray their underling..."

Sam ".... well, it is necessary for the boss to show, who is in charge every now and then..."


It was almost evening when Sam took Jemin back to her home, and as Sam was leaving Jemin said.

Jemin ".. I thought a gentleman would bring flowers to the lady when they went on their first date... so sad...."

Sam was in cloud nine for a moment [shit ...I should have brought flowers after all ... man I am not that good at this romance thing ]

watching Sam's facial expression, Jemin laughed and said good bye....

As he was walking back, he recalled the events of the past 3 months and what he had learned . He had already learned the local language smoothly, then he got to know that the planet in which he woke up was called Ayangdad which was named after a famous sage that lived on this planet a long time ago. Inter stellar travel were very common in this world and Ayangdad was a small planet in the great star system known as Taraveda star system. The name of the star system was also similarly given after a famous saint Taraveda.

He found a source of income by hunting wild beasts and spirit beasts, wild beasts were mutated and powerful ordinary beasts, while Spirit beasts were wild beasts who started absorbing spirit energy from the surrounding after living for a long time and they gained more intelligence and learn the natural laws with more time, spirit beasts were divided into different levels.

These wild beast and spirit beast were not only used for their meat, but as a raw materials for creating medicines and many other purposes . The doctors were also not just doctors but alchemists, they created their own medicine for specific diseases, there were also many medicines that were mass produced, but the effect of a custom made one was a hundred times that of the mass produced ones. A doctor has to pass certain tests to be approved as an alchemist, there was only one alchemist in the village the old lady. There were also many other professions which evolved into an entirely different profession, like black smiths evolved into artifact masters, hunters evolved into mercenaries, astrologers evolved into formation masters and similarly many others.

The most common and most revered profession was that of the warriors, they were the practitioners of martial path. While other professions had ranks for masters at different levels, warriors were separated by different realms. The first being ordinary warrior realm, then true warrior realm, supreme warrior realm and so on. The common people did not know much about the divisions of warrior realms, but everybody knew the epitome of the warrior path was warrior Saints. And through out the history there has only been, a very few talented geniuses, who were monsters blessed by the heavens themselves who became Warrior saints.

People knew them by their titles rather than their names, like the Saint of myriad weapons who was known through out every world, It was said that there was no weapons that this saint couldn't handle in the entire universe he has mastered every weapon . The great Taraveda was the first disciple of the Saint of myriad weapons and his title was the saint of unwavering will, if Saint of myriad weapons inspired awe and bravery in the heart of the people then Taraveda inspired justice and respect for law. Taraveda was respected throughout the universe as a true man of his word, he could die but never falter from keeping his promise.

There was another path that was equally revered to the path of warriors, called the path of seekers or the path of sages , they were like philosophers or scientist, they were seekers of truth and understanding. They were also divided into different realms and the epitome of the path of seeker was a Divine Sage. Both the sages and saints were powerful beings, and the main difference being, Sages were mostly peace loving people and focused on transforming the world and people more. They were more aligned to seeking truth than power, and since power was necessary to unravel the ultimate truth, they gained power without even looking for it.

These paths and professions were inter connected, like a great sage was actually as powerful as a great saint. and some times sages themselves were saints, one of the best example being the saint of myriad weapons. The saint of myriad weapon was actually the son of a great divine sage and was brought up in the path of a sage, until a terrible tragedy happened and the saint of myriad weapons choose the path of a warrior and became a saint.

All of this was the knowledge he gained from the villagers, and their knowledge was limited, so Sam was not so sure.

But Sam did gain a small hint and according to his understanding the path of warrior was about cultivating self...while the path of a sage was about cultivating the world.

It was like warriors transformed themselves through different methods, while the sages transformed the world through different methods..... Sam didn't spent much time thinking about this, since he did not have enough credible knowledge and information to come to any proper conjecture and he might end up becoming a sage in the process , but he was too young for that ....(and me too)


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