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The Philosophers Adventure
Author :Half_Blind
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16 seize

Sam had gained knowledge about cultivation, from Jemin and other teachers of the school, It was said that the talented people could cultivate much faster than others , But there was also another kind of people in this world who were blessed by the universe from birth, they were called Natural Born Elemental Bodies. There were supposed to be 5 Natural elements which formed everything in the universe and the rest of the things were combination and mutation of these 5 natural elements.

It was said that the Primordial Will formed the Primordial Energy in the form of a sound, The creation was in the direction of spirit to physical or from a formless state to a definite form, the first element to be formed was the element of Ether or Sky, which became a medium for the sound and the element was called the form of sound, now the sound could be heard and the sky element was associated with the sens of hearing, the next element born out of Ether was Air which had a better form and it was a form that could be felt and was associated with the sens of touch, and from air was born the fire element which could be seen , the sens associated with fire was the sens of sight, The next element that was born out of fire was water and it was associated with the sens of taste, and the form had become more physical by now, the last element was the earth formed out of water and the sens associated with it was smell.

The primordial energy became a definite shape in this form. after that different combination and mutation it gave birth to every thing else including the ultimate creation of life with intelligence.

Warriors who had natural born earth elemental body , were geniuses in Earth elemental arts and they could easily manipulate the element of earth, The earth element body was very rare maybe one in a million, but considering the other elemental bodies the number of earth elemental body was highest, this had something to do with earth being the last to be formed and was an element more closer to human. The next highest number was water element bodies and so on. There were also naturally born mutated elemental bodies, these were people with wood elemental body, metal elemental body, lightning and so on.

Mutated elemental bodies were considered supreme genius and were much rarer than the other elemental bodies with the only exception being, The Ether elemental body, which was the rarest among rare and their talent was above supreme geniuses, they were real monsters. But the number of such monster were close to nil .

Another kind of elemental body were people with more than one elemental body, they had affinity to more than one element, here more the number of elements, rarer it was , a person with four elemental body was as talented as some one with the Ether elemental body a monster. And a prime example was the great saint Taraveda he was a master in manipulating the four elements.

Even among elemental bodies there was different grades, low, medium and high. The difference being, higher the grade more affinity the person had to that element and more easily that person could cultivate that element. Sam was a medium grade earth elemental body ..

But an elemental body was no necessity for cultivation, there were many talented geniuses who had no elemental body, but cultivated to higher realms. Many ancient sages and saints had given the notion that these talented geniuses might have an affinity with, The four eternal elements which are hard to comprehend, they were Space, Time, Soul and Mind. The affinity with these elements didn't have anything to do with elemental body, but gaining a certain understanding or enlightenment. Even the concept of the five Natural elements were born inside the Eternal element of Space.

The process of cultivation was an entirely different thing, one could attract the Ether energy from the surrounding by chanting and meditating on certain Mantras, The Ether energy was also called the spiritual essence without any nature or color, Even without doing anything any normal person had Spiritual essence within them in a small amount. But cultivators deliberately attracted and guided the spiritual essence into their lower dantian, where it transformed into warrior essence or mortal essence or qi , The qi was again moved up from the lower dantian to middle dantian where the qi transformed into immortal essence or shen and from there the shen was moved up to the upper dantian where Shen got transformed into God essence or creator essence or Wu wei.

This was the method of cultivation that the people practiced, The lower dantian was a storage for qi , the middle dantian was where the qi was converted into shen which was a form of energy that could be used to transform ones body from mortal to that of an immortal, The shen energy had the ability to heal and regenerate, it acted like a special mechanism to aid the body. The upper dantian was where the shen was again converted into Wu wei, Wu wei was a special form of energy, that behaved like nothingness from which anything can be formed, it basically aided the warrior to mold the energy present in ones dantian or the energy present in the surrounding into different forms, Wu wei was the base to execute different techniques, It didn't just help mold the energy but it helped in manifesting the will of the cultivator.

There was no rule that one needed to cultivate in the order, lower to middle and then to upper dantian, and this is also where the Sages differed from warriors. The focus of the sages were to cultivate Wu wei , they didn't focus much on the lower and middle dantian , but their lower and middle dantian transformed automatically along with upper dantian , but the sages also practiced different martial arts or exercises which would aid their body .

Sam reached his new home thinking about all these matters , this was a place that he rented out from an old couple, he went in and after taking care of the miscellaneous things, he sat on the floor and started cultivating using one of the Mantras that where provided from the school.

The cultivation mantras were divided into different grades , low tier, mid tier, high tier, earth tier and heaven tier. The one he was cultivating was a low tier Mantra but the effect was of an ordinary man cultivating a high tier Mantra, this was the advantage of an elemental body.

Different technique mantras were also divided in the same manner low to heavenly. Sam learned a low tier technique mantra called fire ball, and now he could form a small fire ball from the ether energy . The ether energy was the white gas he found inside his dantian when he observed with the spiritual sens , the brown gas was earth energy.

Absorbing earth energy was easy for Sam as he had an earth elemental body and with the help of a Earth element cultivation mantra it became 100 times more efficient, Earlier he used to absorb earth energy automatically without his own knowledge, due to the earth elemental body. But now he had better understanding of the concept of cultivation, and his improvements where beyond leaps and bounds. Now he focused more on absorbing ether energy as it was more difficult to absorb for him and the energy itself had multiple uses, by transforming into multiple elements....

After cultivating for a long time, he wanted to take a small nap, this was out of habit, as he laid down on the bed he thought [ I still could not gain any knowledge on the golden sphere, and the special fruit that I ate, but one thing is for sure, both of them were priceless treasures, the techniques that i developed after gaining the enlightenment from the fruits were at least high grade or earth grade .... high grade and above techniques are strictly controlled by sects and great families in this world, so i should not reveal these techniques easily, and my control over the earth element is probably very high comparing to the other Earth elemental body cultivators... and I have been having a weird feeling, that I can sens the emotions of the plants and trees, its like they are trying to communicate with me.... This has something to do with the statue consuming the green jade, but it really brought me a great benefit, now my body heals any kind of injury within seconds and i think it can even regenerate my body parts if it comes to that....

too many secrets ....

I can't take this, I might get an heart attack by keeping all this inside me... ...I don't even want to think about all the stuff inside the space ring, I really don't want to be the fool who died because of too much wealth..... i will just get some good sleep and put everything behind for the time being ..... I will just enjoy my life with the company of my lovely Jemin... hah ...thinking about it fills my heart with excitement ... hmm ... ]

The next day Sam was walking by the streets, when he felt a sudden premonition like a really dangerous beast was watching him, he didn't even dare to spread his spiritual sens, and focused all his energy on his feet to use the earth skip technique in full power without any hesitation ... but was stopped by a familiar voice....

" Ho... so you think you can run away, after what you have done.... brat... "

Sam turned around and saw the old lady doctor along with Jemin walking towards him.

Old lady " see I told you little Jem, he is a spineless fellow... we can find a much better suitor for you .."

Sam muttered in a low voice "This old bag of bones... who in there right mind would face such a fierce wild beast head on... but how did she know about me and Jemin .. .."

He looked towards Jemin

Jemin seeing his look chuckled and said " don't look at me, you should go and look for your underlings..."

Sam [ shit... I knew there would be retaliation, but so soon .... I should have known the kids were no gentleman who would wait for revenge ..]


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