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The Philosophers Adventure
Author :Half_Blind
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17 dix-sep

Sam was in no position to think about the brats, he needed to face the danger ahead first. He was trying to figure out a solution with all his might. He knew that this old lady was not some kind doctor but a tiger pretending to be the sheep to eat the wolf. So he didn't dare to enrage this hidden dragon.

Old doctor " are you mute, how dare you bewitch my little Jem with your honey tongue..."

he didn't exactly get what was said in the end of the sentence, as he was not yet as skill full with the language like the natives.

Sam muttered " hmm... when did I ever use my tongue with her..."


Old doctor " you... you ...dirty little bastard..."

bang.... bang...baam .....

Sam was getting beaten left and right, he didn't knew a little slip of tongue will land him in such a bad position .

Sam " hai wait... huh ..bang ...Jemin help me ...."

Jemin was blushing , like an apple after hearing what Sam said " Beat him with a little more strength grandma..."

While the Old lady was really immersed in observing and beating Sam, As she noticed something interesting... Even though this guy was getting beaten he didn't receive much damage, so she started using more strength and found that the damages were healed instantly...as she was immersed in continuing the experiment, she heard Jemin's words, like an encouragement... she started using more strength. The old lady used a special method while beating Sam which prevented him from focusing and gathering energy to retaliate. But this wouldn't have prevented him if he was to use his full strength and concentration, But after seeing Jemins red face and little anger, he knew he had to take the beating to appease her anger , and after the new evolution of his body this kind of beating didn't matter much, so he prevented his body from healing much faster but still this amount of healing got the attention of the old lady.

Soon his efforts were rewarded.

Jemin with a worried face said " please stop grandma he is hurt too much..."

Jemin interfered and stopped her grandma, and helped him stand up, He was beaten black and blue, but still a small smirk appeared and disappeared when Jemin helped him and he was so close and touching her.

Sam [ this scent is so refreshing, I could take all the beating in the world to be in such close contact with my Jemin..... Old lady I wont forget this, let me first get married to Jemin then lets see how I make you pay back for all these..]

After being helped up by Jemin, he acted a little more hurt and tired, so that Jemin would support him a little further..

But the old lady saw through this and tried to take Jemin's place in helping him up, Sam's acting skills were modified by the old lady to adapt with the villagers, so she saw through him instantly. But Sam acted more hurt when the old lady came near, seeing this jemin also stopped her,

Sam[ who wants to be supported by you ... old bag of bones....I will lean on Jemin forever....he he he ]

But the old ladies skills were one step above Sam's.

Old lady " Hah .... little jem I think I accidentally hit one of his pressure points, lay him down immediately... "

Sam " Its okay... don't lay me down, I am completely fine, I just need a little support to reach home .."

Old lady " you just don't feel it , but this may lead to severe consequences if untreated right now..."

Jemin " listen to grandma Sam, she might be hard on other matters, but she is an excellent doctor ..."

As Sam was laid down, The old lady took out a evil looking portion from her storage ring with a small smirk.

Sam [ shit what kind of poison is this old lady trying to make me drink... I should escape ]

Even though Sam struggled, he was made to drink the portion, and lost consciousness.

And after he woke up in his home, he couldn't get out of the toilet for one whole day. the old lady had mixed some laxatives in the portion, if he didn't had an instant healing body, he didn't know how long he would have spent in toilets.


Today the four brats where planning some mischief in the ally, but unknown to them two bloody eyes were watching them with blood thirst seeping out, A shadow as fast as lightning knocked out the four brats.

when the four little rascals opened their eyes they were tied up in shabby room, they tried hard to get out of the ropes, but failed miserably. All of a sudden the creepy door opened and a creepy person started walking in, Keira was the first one to start crying, followed by Genma and Edgar... Yue yan was trying to hold back her fears but her face has already started pale a little...

But all of a sudden Edgar shouted " huh... Its big brother, he has come to save us from the kidnapper ...."

Keira " ... Big brother... sob sob.."

Genma " we are saved, big brother untie us before the kidnapper returns..."

Yue yan kept silent.

Sam who was also the kidnapper had a weird expression on his face, he just wanted to intimidate the little rascals for making him suffer these few days , but after seeing the eyes filled with trust and hope, he did not knew what to do any more.

Sam [ hah... forget it they are children after all, and I am not good at these intimidating stuff either...]

But all of a sudden Yue yan started crying, but a small smirk could be seen on the corners of her lips.

Sam was shocked for a second, but untied her first and then the rest.

Sam [ now what is the problem with this great grand mother...]

Keira " what happened Yue yan... since big brother is here now, you don't need to be afraid any more... we will all be fine..."

Yue yan " ... sob... Sob... the kidnapper....he...he ... molested me "

Sam " what the fu..k... when the hell did I...hmm..hmm... the kidnapper molest you "

Genma "what is molesting..."

Yue yan " the kidnapper promised to buy us the special chocolate ice cream every day, if I kept what happened a secret "


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