Vengeful Soul: Discarded Love
2 Grandpa“s Wish
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Vengeful Soul: Discarded Love
Author :ann21isback
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2 Grandpa“s Wish


Mae slowly walked towards her grandfather.

"My darling, I haven't seen you in a while. How's school?"

She gave him a hug.

"Grandpa! I've been doing well. It's not necessary to worry about me."

Her grandfather laughed. "You're still optimistic as ever. Anyway, Grandpa wants to tell you something."

With a cheeky smile, she listened.

"I'm flying to New York in five days. Grandpa is going to be very busy for the expansion of our company. I need you to be more responsible okay? I won't be here to take care of you."

"You just got here but, it's okay. I'll be a good girl grandpa," she said.

The day of his grandfather's departure, everything changed. The way she viewed life changed. She was changed. In an instant, an eighteen-year-old lady has to marry a man in his early 20's. She may be at her legal age but to everybody around her, she is just a five-year-old trapped in a young lady's body because of her actions and words.

On the other hand, her groom is in his office holding a glass of whiskey.

"I didn't know the Lu's can be so cunning. It appears she is not like what the rumors say."

He faced his secretary.

"It's a shame that the young lady of the Lu's will be your wife. She will be experiencing your wrath, won't she?"

The soon to be husband of Mae just smiled sheepishly before sipping his whiskey.

"It is her fault after all."


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