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Vengeful Soul: Discarded Love
Author :ann21isback
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3 That Day

Several hours after her grandfather's departure to New York, a flash report came into the televisions of every household in Beijing.

"The Eldest member of the Xiao family has been reported dead on the spot when the plane X31 of Penelope Airlines crashed early this morning. According to the survivors Great Xiao helped them move out of the crash site when he got stuck in the rear of the plane. Officers are still investigating on the cause of the accident...."

Mae who was munching her favorite cereal was welcomed with the news about her grandfather.

"Young Miss?"

The caretaker of the household called.

"G-Grandpa can't be dead! NO! Tell Mr. Meng to have a search and rescue."

The staff was more than bewildered because of her words. She transformed from the sweet and childlike lady they know to an authoritative woman.

"Call him now!"

Mae yelled and slowly sat, weeping.

"Miss Mae, someone wants to speak with you," a maid said.

She walked towards the phone.

"Who is this?"

She heard a sigh.

"Mae? This is Grandpa Lin. You're grandfather's friend. I just heard about the news and I am terribly sorry for your loss."

"I will find my grandfather soon Mr. Lin. He is not yet dead. I know- I- He can't be dead.."

"I know you are in grief yet I called to fulfill your grandfather's wish. He wants you to marry my grandson."

"If that is my grandfather's wish, I shall fulfill it. Give me a month to prepare myself and to have enough time for h-his burial-"

Mae started crying when the word burial came out of her mouth. She couldn't believe the news. Just moments ago she was talking with him in his study.

"The wedding will be held in a few weeks. Your grandfather already made arrangements."

The call ended.

"Young Miss? A letter was found in Great Xiao's study."

She hurriedly went to his study. As she held the letter she silently read the words written.

"Do not read this up until your wedding day, my beloved Mae."

With tears in her eyes she nod. "Yes, Grandpa. I won't."

The following days, Mae changed. She was no longer cheerful or full of glee. She would smile from time to time but it wasn't how it was before. A part of her died together with her grandfather, that day.


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