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Vengeful Soul: Discarded Love
Author :ann21isback
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5 The Bride

"Ms. Mae?"

Still mourning about her grandfather's death, Mae walked out of her room with a gloomy face.

"Please call Grandpa's secretary. I need to have a chat with him."

She went to his study. Mae could not help but reminisce about her grandfather. After her parent's death, it was her grandfather who took her in. She felt loved despite having no parents. She was the second man she fell in love with. After the tragedy in her life, she thought having no mother or father-figure unlike those children her age is depressing. Up until her grandfather, Great Xiao smiled at her and told her, "Come, my child. Grandpa is going to be your guardian now. You will not be alone anymore."

Despite the tears, the young her slowly smiled as if her broken self suddenly found a way to fix herself.

Now, she doesn't know how to fix her again.

"Grandpa, why? I am all alone again."

Mae cried as she hugged the photo of her and Great Xiao.

To her surprise, her Grandpa walked in. She quickly wipe her tears and ask, " G-Grandpa?!"

"Why are you here?"

"You're not dead?"

"Why would I be dead? Come, my child.."

Hearing the next words scare her.

She thought, 'Dear Lord, if this is a dream, please never wake me up.'

"Your wedding, are you happy about it?"

She looked at him. Mae ran and hugged her grandfather. As she gets closer, he fades away.


She was right. It was only a dream. The reality she is about to face is her being a bride as to the wishes of her Grandpa.

Mae closed her eyes.

"I want my life back in Canada. How I wish I can come back and make the promise I gave to J."

With a bitter smile, Mae knew that the love she invested towards her grandfather and J should leave her. This is her responsibility as she is to be married into a new family.

Up to the end, Mae knew that this wish was for his promise.

'I will not be alone Grandpa. I'll make your wish come true. I'll be a bride that day, willing to serve my husband and the family.'


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