Vengeful Soul: Discarded Love
6 The Wedding pt. 1
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Vengeful Soul: Discarded Love
Author :ann21isback
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6 The Wedding pt. 1

Blissfully, everything was prepared. Mae and John have not met yet up until this day.

Mae is in a room being helped by numerous ladies in preparing for her wedding. The same goes for John who is in his tuxedo.

They say that a wedding is the happiest event in a life of a couple. It is sacred. The wedding is believed to be a couple's start of an end. This is the moment for each others' vows, wishes and commitment towards one another.

It would have been a very beautiful event for Mae if only she knows and loves the person she will marry and on top of that, her grandfather will walk with her in the aisle. John, on the other hand, seems happy. It is as if his wish had come true.

Moments later, the ceremony started.

As Mae was walking, she looked at the people. She remained calm even when her insides are screaming for everything to stop.

"If not only for you grandpa, I would not do this," she muttered under her breath.

John turns to look at his bride. "She's a beauty, bro," his pal, Chris commented. Chris stands as the best man and is quite pleased with everything that is happening.

As if it took ages, Mae sighed before she placed her hand in John's. She looks up and saw the cold yet fuzzy gaze of her husband-to-be.

With realization, she remembers a certain memory from 10 years ago.

A young man smiling at her.

"J?" she exclaims.

"Fancy meeting you in our wedding, Ms. Mae."

'It couldn't be!' Mae thought. Still in shock, she tried to collect herself and faced him with a polite smile.


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