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Vengeful Soul: Discarded Love
Author :ann21isback
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9 Nigh

After the celebration, they were sent to the Lin mansion. It is as big as the Xiao's except that it looks gloomy and dull. Yes it looks majestic but it appears to be too dark. This is totally different with the vibe of Mae's previous home. They stepped out of the car and was welcomed by a butler. John still continued his gentleman act. Opening the door for his wife, he kept quiet but Mae felt warm inside. It was almost as if she has forgotten their previous talk and that it is still their wedding night. She kept her head low. If she was at her previous home, she would have walked and talked freely without worrying about what others would think or say. It is not because she is not lady-like or is lacking manners, she just felt comfortable. In her mind, 'Nothing beats the comfort of home.'

Shyly she asked John, "Are we staying here for good?"

After getting only a nod as a response, she turned quiet again. This doesn't get unnoticed by John. He deeply inhaled and said, "I am allergic to shrimps. I don't like crowded places. I also don't like being disturbed when doing an important job. I also -"

Mae stuttered, "I-I know those things. You also don't like the rain and the sound of the piano."

Giving a puzzled look, John wanted to ask how she knows those things. And as he remembered that his grandfather and she talked before, he concluded that he might have spilled some about him and she just remembered. Shrugging the doubts and confusion, he looked at her and smiled.

"Mae, if you are hungry you can ask the butlers or maid for some food. Let us rest for now. Come, I'll bring you to your room."

They walked upstairs. John had to assist her with her dress which was quite long making it hard for her to walk around. And of course, this gesture made her heart flutter. In her eyes, he is J. As it appears, nothing can make her change her mind.

"My room is just across yours. You can knock if something comes up. Take a rest. It was a long day, Mae."

And as if magic, she felt how exhausted she is. She can only nod as a response. Opening the door, she heaved a sigh. Remembering that all of the events that happened in the past days were all true, she succumbed to the grief and exhaustion. Physically, emotionally and mentally, she felt drained.

The room is beautiful. It was perfect, actually. But not even the diamond ring on her finger and all the wealth she's in can take away the feeling of a lost puppy who don't even know how it will survive.

And this night, she surrendered everything to the Supreme Being. She pleaded for morning to come and then she'll have tasks to forget all the worries and conceal her true emotions. Who knows how many nights she will have to suffer quietly like tonight?


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