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Vengeful Soul: Discarded Love
Author :ann21isback
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10 His pas

John takes of his suit. He stepped on his shower room the moment he got undressed. As the water pours, he lets his mind wander about the events that happened today. He is married – it is a fact now. Of course, this would happen this early if Great Xiao did not die. He remembers the way her bride looked earlier. She was shy and timid. It was nothing close to what he knows that she has a bubbly personality. But he cannot blame her, she lost her grandfather and now she's sent to another family, another household. Even he, had a hard time when he lost his family.

His hand turned into a fist. Yes, his family is lost. Although he has his grandfather, it doesn't change the fact that he already lost his parents. ALL BECAUSE OF HER AND HER FAMILY. He smirked. He felt pathetic. Of course, the gentleman act was only because of his grandfather's orders. If it's only up to him he would not even spare a glass. This is a game he has set and the prey already bit the bait. He knew he needed to be close to her as he executes his plan. And what closeness would it be if not as husband and wife?

He thinks of his family as he dries his hair. At his age, he has grown tired of what ifs and what could have been. There will never be an exact answer anyway. And besides, assumptions only made him feel pitiful. He can only remember the good times, the laughter. But to no avail, he still feel pain. He cannot let go of the years they could have guided him and watched him grow up.

Later that night he dreamt of something. A future that seemed far too close to what he dreams of. He always knew that one day he will be alone - after his grandfather's passing. But in his dream, he is with a family. Two children running towards him, warmly welcoming with hugs and kisses. A woman on her apron follows shortly saying, "Dinner is almost ready. Why don't you change your clothes first?"

Why was he kissing her lips and smiling at her afterwards? Who is this woman? Why did he have this dream?

A lot of questions flooded his mind. And for a moment, his past was overshadowed with a dreamy future he never thought of.


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