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Vengeful Soul: Discarded Love
Author :ann21isback
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11 Morning

@@Morning came and Mae woke up to reality. She took a deep breath and covered herself into the covers, trying to take her time from dealing this day. And for a moment, forgetting that she now resides in the Lin mansion, she screamed on top of her lungs. She wanted to release all her stress.

This was of course heard by the person in the room across hers. The very person ran as fast as he could towards her door. Opening it, he immediately asked, "What the hell is going on?"

And in a flash, her husband is now in front of her pulling the covers hiding her.

"I asked you, what is going on? Why were you screaming?"

In a small voice she replied, "Ah-Ahm- I was just trying to release some stress. I'm sorry if I disturbed your sleep."

John stared at her in disbelief. She looked like a lost puppy. With her head low she slowly bit her lips.

"I-I'm sorry"

She did not know why she suddenly became like this. Everybody who knows her would be laughing. Yes, Mae is weird in many different ways but nobody ever heard her stutter. She is loquacious and confident despite her child-like attitude. She is classy and elegant but can still fit in other crowds. Maybe this is one of the changes that was bound to happen.

"You won't be having classes till next week right?"

She nodded.

"Get dressed. We're going out."

With a confused look, she asked, "Where are we going?"

"You'll know on the way."

John headed towards the door. Before going out, he looked at her again and said,

"Oh and by the way, you look ravishing. Morning, wife."



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