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Vengeful Soul: Discarded Love
Author :ann21isback
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12 Date

@@Mae made her way downstairs after dressing into a yellow puffed-sleeve dress and some cream sandals. Simple, classy and elegant, just the way she likes it. She heaved a sigh finally feeling a lot more like herself. The past days were truly tough and she felt that she was slowly being off track.

Meanwhile, John was already having his breakfast. As soon as he saw her, he almost choked on his food. He had to have a couple of gulp from his glass while Mae shyly lowered her head. She took a seat and ate.

"Well, it's about time you join me. Still feeling stressed?"

She pursed her lips disapprovingly. John was carefully watching her every move - even while eating - making her shy and uncomfortable. She felt that she is under surveillance.

After eating, John guided her to the garage where Mae was welcomed with several cars - different models in different colors. She made a guess that the family knows how to spend their fortune well. Stuck in her thoughts, Mae did not hear John starting the engine and calling her.

"Mae, are you coming or not?"

She quickly got into the car. John moved closer to her, fixing her seatbelt.

'A typical romantic act in movies,' she thought.

Holding the steering wheel, John started to speak.

"I don't know about your idea of a first date or if you've been to one already. But I'm quite sure you'll like the place where we are going."

"Wait, a date?"

"Yes, dear. A date. You. Me. Going to somewhere, a date."

She slowly shake her head and sighed, " Hmm, yeah."

Mae smiled, "It's a date, then. "



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