Warrior's Promise
1455 Cannot Remember Anything
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Warrior's Promise
Author :Baili Longxia
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1455 Cannot Remember Anything

When the spectators saw the power of Lin Huang, they were shocked. Lin Huang's combat strength was more powerful than Tang Gu's.

Although Lin Huang's attack was forceful, Yang Tiancheng remained calm. He smiled and a flute appeared in his hand.

The flute was three-foot long and green in color. Green light circulated around the flute. It looked exquisite.

Yang Tiancheng lifted his flute and started to play a tune.

He played a lively piece of music and it was melodious.

However, this melodious piece of music formed powerful soundwaves that were destructive and they surged toward the large claws.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

There was a loud explosion and the powerful soundwaves immediately smashed the large claws up, turning them into part of the airstream of the area.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Yang Tiancheng continued to play his flute and the melodious tune surged like a river. The soundwaves gushed out with majestic force and charged toward Lin Huang.

Wherever the soundwaves passed, they would smash the space up. The power was mighty.

"How can this be?" Lin Huang's face turned pale. He had heard of Yang Tiancheng's Soundwave Technique but he did not expect it to be so powerful.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In that instant, Lin Huang's body glittered and seven avatars appeared beside him.

These seven avatars were formed by Lin Huang's Dark Force and their auras were powerful. They were comparable to Lin Huang's power.

"Demonic Shadow Avatar Technique?" When Su Mo saw the avatars, he was shocked. Lin Huang's Avatar Technique was similar to the Demonic Shadow Avatar Technique.

However, the Demonic Shadow Avatar Technique belonged to the lower level skill.

When one reached the Martial Emperor Realm, the Demonic Shadow Avatar Technique was basically useless to them.

Moreover, the Demonic Shadow Avatar Technique could only refine three avatars, not seven.

When Su Mo sensed the aura in Lin Huang's avatars, he felt that they possessed more than 70 percent of Lin Huang's strength.

In the fighting ring.

After Lin Huang had activated his avatars, he struck again together with his seven avatars and attacked the claws' radiance.

Suddenly, the claws' shadows filled up the area and eight rays of huge claw radiance attacked the soundwaves.

The rays of claws' radiance hit hard against the soundwaves and the scene looked as though the meteorites had fallen into the sea, creating a tidal wave.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Loud explosive sounds blasted continuously in all directions.

The eight rays of claws' radiance collapsed and the mighty force that had been formed by the soundwaves dispersed after it had been hit.

As the soundwaves were formed by the tune played by Yang Tiancheng, as long as he did not stop playing the flute, the power of the soundwaves would continue to flow on.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The horrifying power of the soundwaves smashed the claws' radiance and swirled toward Lin Huang to attack him.

"This…!" When Lin Huang saw it, his face turned pale. The power of the soundwaves covered the area and it was overbearing. If Lin Huang could not counter it, he would be thrown out of the fighting ring.

"Destroy it!"

As the power of the soundwaves were coming near him, Lin Huang and his seven avatars struck again without a second thought.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Lin Huang stretched out his claws and crazily attacked the soundwaves and his seven avatars did likewise.

In an instant, the claws' radiance shot out and claw shadows flew out, all over the area.

In the face of such a situation, Lin Huang had no choice but to do his best to attack the soundwaves.

The rays of claws' radiance covered the area like a tidal wave and continued to surge into the soundwaves.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The area continued to explode and the explosions were deafening. The soundwaves and the rays of claws' radiance continued to attack each other and horrifying shockwaves swept all over the place.

Both the claws' radiance and the soundwaves continued to be destroyed by each other. The claws' radiance managed to counter the attack of the soundwaves.

However, the power of the soundwaves was mightier than that of the claws' radiance. The soundwaves pushed through the claws' radiance and moved toward Lin Huang.

Lin Huang gritted his teeth and continued to fight on. He wanted to stop the power of the soundwaves, but it was to no avail.

The power of the soundwaves was like an unfathomable tidal wave. It was gentle, yet strong and powerful.

Three kilometers!

300 meters!

30 meters!

In a short while, the power of the soundwaves went into Lin Huang and was around 30 meters away from him. It was about to crush into his body.

"Crap!" Lin Huang's face turned pale. The power of the soundwaves was horrifying. If he was hit by them, he would be seriously injured, if not killed.


Lin Huang suddenly shouted. He flew backward at lightning speed and the seven avatars that were beside him dashed to the front and blew themselves up.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Seven loud explosions resounded in the area where the seven avatars had blown themselves up, and the scene was earth-shattering. The power of the explosions was mighty and it blew up part of the soundwaves.

However, after part of the soundwaves had been blown up, the missing part was quickly filled up and they continued to push towards Lin Huang.

In an instant, Lin Huang had been forced to the side of the fighting ring and he had nowhere to go.

Lin Huang's face looked ghastly pale. The power of the soundwaves was too mighty and he was unable to contend with it!

He had almost used up all the Dark Force in his body for the seven avatars.

As Lin Huang knew that he had lost the fight, he gritted his teeth and stepped out of the fighting ring.

"Yang Tiancheng wins!"

The elder robed in brown who was in charge of the sparring shouted to the Northern Stand.

Everyone who was watching the fight sighed. Lin Huang had been defeated, as anticipated. Two of the top geniuses of Path Sect had been defeated and Lu Gang was the last one yet to be defeated.

Although those who had been defeated would not be disqualified and they could continue with the sparring, they would be unable to fight to the top 10 if they lost at the first round.

The people were certain that no one from Path Sect would be able to get into the top 10 as they had overall performed badly.

Lin Huang looked dejected and he returned to the Stand. The disciples and elders of Path Sect looked helpless as well.

They were defeated, not because Lin Huang was weak but Yang Tiancheng was too powerful. Lin Huang had done well by holding on for so long.

"Holy Lady, I shall leave the fighting ring for a while!"

Yang Tiancheng kept the flute in his hand and smiled at Yun Youyou as he cupped his fist at her. He had won the first round effortlessly and that gave him confidence in obtaining the number one position in the Fight meet.

He turned around and returned to the Stand.

At the Northern Stand.

"Youyou, Yang Tiancheng is outstanding!" A lady in green said softly to Yun Youyou as she looked at Yang Tiancheng.

"He is indeed powerful!" Yun Youyou nodded in agreement. In the earlier fight, Yang Tiancheng had shown that his powerful combat strength was not to be taken lightly.

"This guy is good-looking, charming and talented. Youyou, you should consider giving him a chance!" The lady in green said with a smile. Even she was captivated by Yang Tiancheng and she believed that Yun Youyou should be impressed by him as well.

"Sister Ling Xuan, stop saying such things!" Yun Youyou said, pretending to be angry. She would not consider affairs of the heart at the moment.

Her wish was to become more powerful and recall her past and identity.

She had tried hard to recall her past but she could not remember anything and her mind was blank.

She was frustrated by it and she had asked her Master about her past as well.

However, even her Master had no idea who she was and she was only told that she was seriously injured after she had been saved by her Master.

Although Yun Youyou held a high status at the moment and she had the guidance of an Empty God Realm master, she was disturbed by her past of which she had no memory.

Thus, she had to try to recall her past as she did not want to live a life not knowing who she truly was.


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